Saturday, August 8, 2009

Finding Patience in Pregnancy

So I have concluded that kids teach you patience even before they are born. As a mother-to-be, I am learning all kinds of patience. Since I found out I was pregnant with my first child Christmas of 2008, I've had to find patience with my body as it is constantly changing. I've also had to find patience for those around me when my hormones flare and I don't even know what I want. And now, as my due date approaches I am finding patience to let this little one come when she is ready.

My estimated due date is August 13. That is still 5 days away, but the bags are packed, the car seat is securely in the car and I am ready to give birth...any minute...really any time now. This is how I have come to the conclusion kids teach us patience before we even get to meet them face to face. It also doesn't help that an estimated due date is just that an estimation - an estimation that spreads about 4 weeks. Thus, for me, she can really be born anytime between July 30 and August 27. So I am stuck in the middle, anticipating for the unknown.

I had a whole list of things to do before my baby girl arrived. I was fully prepared to not accomplish everything on that list; however, I was not prepared to complete the list and have time to spare. I am now having to find patience in myself as well so I don't drive myself crazy with anticipation. I figure this will be the last chance I have for myself for a while, so I might as well not pass it up. See, the kid is teaching me patience again...amazing.

It isn't just me finding it difficult to be patience. My husband, though much better at handling situations than I am, asks everyday if we are having a baby yet. My family and friends constantly ask and guess when the baby will come. I know it is mostly in good nature, but it just makes finding patience that much harder.

I suppose it is also more difficult since I am trying to find patience against time instead of another person. In addition, I'm trying to count down to an anonymous point in time. Finding patience in pregnancy is difficult, but then any battle with time is. Nonetheless, I continue to write and keep myself occupied as I take the lesson in patience and wait for a miraculous outcome - a little baby girl.


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