Friday, September 25, 2009

Granny Visits

I always like to visit with my parents, but I like it even more now. Granny (my mom) came to visit this week and had lots of fun with Zoey. They would sit and talk and sing all day.

I also got to get almost a three hour uninterrupted nap during the day that made me feel a lot better. Stephen and I even got to go out to dinner alone to celebrate our anniversary. It was nice to get rested up and have a few minutes together.

We had a girls day and got a new outfit for me (a birthday present from Granny), Zoey a couple outfits and baby swing. We weren't going to get a swing, but Granny surprised me with one after I said how much Zoey likes to sit up, look around and rock. We will have to put it together tomorrow.

Zoey does so well when we go out; I feel very blessed. She sleeps a good bit, but even when she's awake she just looks around at the people and lights and seems to have a good time. I'm just glad we can go out even at the spur of the moment and not have to worry about her fussing too much.

It was a good weekend. It is moments like this that I want to remember. I love just spending time together. I'm starting to recognize to enjoy Zoey while she is this little...she won't want and let me hold her whenever I want for forever. She is so sweet and cute and she smells really good. I love my family...I really love the life we have made for ourselves.


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