Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to Half Our Family

Our family (at least Stephen's side of the family) has birthdays clumped in groups, which makes it really easy to visit. Stephen, his brother and his sister all have birthdays in January, so sometime in the first month (usually around the Superbowl) everyone gets together to celebrate.
There are a few stragglers like me whose birthday is all alone in October and Ryan's girlfriend whose birthday is in June. Also, October (our niece) was born the day after Christmas, but she still gets celebrations because we are all together for Christmas. But most of those born into the family seem to clump together.

Everyone else's birthday is in August. That includes Nana, Connor, Kiley and now Zoey. So sometime just before school starts we all get together and celebrate. It seems Nana got three of her four grandchildren for her birthday and the other one for Christmas. This also means we see the family several times 6 months out of the year and hardly at all the other 6. But it works out either way.

When Zoey was born and everyone was down, we celebrated everyone's birthday. It's real fun to celebrate with a bunch of small kids because they all sit in the floor and you can't hand them presents fast enough. They all understand opening presents now and it because a madhouse. It is also over in about two minutes.

Connor turned three this year and really enjoyed getting a batman outfit, which he wore all weekend. He was also very excited over big boy superman underwear. He also got a Bumblebee transformer, which is what he is into right now. He was a very happy little boy.

Kiley turned two this year. She got a couple pairs of clothes, which is perfect for her because she will change clothes as often as you let her. She also got a new pair of shoes, which she will wear whether she has on clothes or not.

Even though it wasn't October's birthday, she got some clothes too. You can't have everyone else getting gifts and her getting nothing. This is not an age that understands "it's not yours" very well. October will turn two at Christmas.

I got all three of Zoey's cousins a little bag of goodies. I wanted them to have something to keep them occupied if we had to be in the hospital while they were here. Thankfully, that didn't happen, but they still enjoyed their goodies. I got all three of them a coloring book and crayons, a puzzle, some bubbles and a small plastic animal. I got the two girls a little baby doll and Connor a hot wheels car. I also got them all sidewalk chalk to share. They really enjoyed it all. They had a good time coloring and playing with their toys. Also, the sidewalk chalk and bubbles were a big hit for the kids and parents.

Even Zoey got some gifts. She got a couple cute outfits and a towel with a bright fish on it. She might be too little to enjoy them yet, but Mama loved it all.

Nana got a card that sang "Face the music" making fun of her getting older. Steve told her four grandkids makes you old and hope you can still hear the music. I told her I gave her the best gift of all - a new grandbaby and that all four of them will keep her young.

I baked a cake and then Connor helped Nana ice it. It made for good pictures and it didn't turn out half bad either. We put candles on it and sang an interesting round of happy birthday. It went something like "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to NanaConnorKileyandZoey, Happy birthday to yoooouuu." The kids blew out the candles and they preceded to cover themselves with their slices of cake.

The day was lots of fun. And now everyone is a year older and things get a little more interesting. And we add a Zoey, which makes our lives a little more interesting and lot brighter.

Happy Birthday Nana, Connor, Kiley and Zoey!


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