Friday, September 18, 2009

One Month Down...

Zoey is One Month old today!!!

So cool. It feels like a brief moment and years at the same time. Turns out being a mom is frustrating and hard work especially on a sleep deficiency. But it is so worth it. I have never loved anyone so completely so quickly. It is so worth every ounce of irritation because I can see my reward every time she smiles, the peaceful way she sleeps, and the complete trust she has of me and Stephen as she lies in our arms. I wouldn't trade having her here for anything, not even a good night of sleep or the ability to have more than ten minutes to concentrate on a task.

One month has past and so have many milestones (already!). She already recognizes Stephen and I from strangers (and stares intently at us all the time). She can hold her head upright fairly steady for a good five minutes before getting tired. She can track objects and faces with her eyes. Stephen was kissing her goodbye the other morning before he went to work and she followed him by moving her head until he left through the front door! Even right now she is watching me type like she knows exactly what I'm saying. She can put weight on both of her feet and loves to sit and stand (with us holding her of course). I'm sure there are some I'm missing, but to say the least, she is growing so fast.

She fights sleep as bad as I do and loves to be close to her mommy and daddy. She likes when I read books, but she often looks at my face as I read instead of the book. She coos at me and we have conversations about all kinds of things. I asked her opinion on what to have for dinner the other night and I would hold up each choice and she would give a small cry or a squeal for good or bad. I think babies know a lot more about what is going on than we give them credit. She still cries and I don't always know what is wrong, but she is very intuitive.

She is a growing girl. Most of this week she has gone through 4-6 hours where she will eat every hour. I finally gave up and started supplementing formula so I could keep up. Not only was my milk being stretched, but my nipples were really raw because they got no rest. Once I couldn't hold her to my chest because my breasts hurt I relented. I felt really bad about giving her that first formula bottle, but she took it fine and still feeds from the breasts without any trouble. And I will say that I feel relief at that fact because it alleviate the trapped feeling I was having linked to breastfeeding.

She's one month old now, how exciting! I love this little girl and I'm trying to enjoy every moment (good and bad) with her because she will be walking and talking before I know it without wishing these precious months away.


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