Saturday, September 19, 2009

Merely Mortal

So I got a call today from a of our coworkers was in a car accident this morning and died. Apparently, a teenage boy crossed two lanes of traffic and hit James head on. All I could say was "wow." I could barely even process the information at first. James was an acquaintance that I will miss, but we were really close or anything. But I do know he was a very nice guy that worked hard for his family and was always full of life.

The really scary part is that he was about Stephen's age (late twenties) and had a little girl. My first thought (once I could process a real thought) was that it was a tragedy and he will be missed by many. Then my second thought was, we really can go at any time for the craziest of reasons. Stephen was in an accident years ago coming home from football practice. I was in an accident earlier this year on my way to work. And that is just talking about the car.

I suppose I just look at my little girl and my wonderful husband and can't imagine how I could live without them. But then you have to think about the consequences of those unthinkable circumstances when you're a parent. Would one of us be able to survive without the other and who would care for Zoey if something were to happen to Stephen and I. These are questions we have already talked about at least some, but when someone you know dies so tragically you can't help but stop and think again.

Love really is a two-edged sword. It provides the most happiness I have ever known, but the thought of loosing anyone I love brings a sadness that I cannot even imagine.

So I suppose I take away from this to have a plan for the unimaginable, enjoy every moment you can with those you love even the frustrating ones, and to always leave with a kiss and an "I love you" - you never know when those words might be your last whether it be now or a hundred years from now.

So to all those I love, family and friends - you mean the world to me.
And to Stephen and Zoey - I love more than words can say. I am filled with joy every time I think of you or see you.

With Love,

In Memory of
James Cureton
Died 9.19.09
There are many who love you...
You will be missed.


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  1. I am sorry for this family's loss. I will keep them in my prayers.

    It is hard to imagine life without a loved one. As we go through our day-to-day life, it is easy to forget the simple words like "I love you". You are so right about not leaving with a kiss and "I love you" or going to bed without the same.

    I am very forunate to have such a wonderful and insightful daughter like you. If I haven't told you lately (and can never tell you enough) how very proud I am of you and that I love you.