Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sleep Deprivation

So the one thing I miss as a new mom is sleep. (Anyone who has ever had a newborn would agree I'm sure).

Zoey does a really good job of getting at least 3 consecutive hours of sleep, which is great for mom and dad. However, even with that I still feel very tired. One night she will sleep through the night, not getting up at all and the next night she will be up twice. She is so small, I can't demand consistancy of her yet (not that kids are ever really consistant).

I think the thing that gets me most is the inital waking up. I have never been good at waking up immediately to the first alarm. I generally need a few minutes to open my eyes and become aware of my surroundings. I tend to be one that snoozes the alarm several times before getting up. However, Zoey does not have a snooze button and when she's hungry there is no calming her without getting up to feed her. The worst part is just waking up so abrubtly. I hope I can get used to it.

I do enjoy the mornings. I tend to stay away and write for a couple hours and then take a nap with Zoey. I really like the peace and chance to work in the morning. I definatly am more productive in the morning and Zoey is giving me a chance to take advantage of that.

Zoey has also been fighting sleep hard, especially at night. She has a hard time falling asleep, but once she gets asleep it is a deep sleep. So generally, I dislike nighttime and love the mornings (after I wake up a little bit).


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