Sunday, September 27, 2009

These are the Days

I realize I vent a lot in this blog about all the things that frustrate me. But there are so many good times too. And overall, I am very lucky to have such a sweet, laid back little girl.

I look at my little family and am so overwhelmed with joy that I almost can't breathe. Zoey is growing so fast. She has all kinds of expressions and noises now. She likes to sit up, have conversations and sing. It is so cute. I love interacting with her. I'm trying to make sure I savor every moment because it won't be too long before she won't let me hold her whenever I want.

Zoey is doing a lot better about sleeping too. When she had a cold we put her in our bed a for a week or so. I slept longer than I did getting up to her bassinet all the time, but I slept better when she did sleep because I keep waking up to make sure she didn't roll over onto a pillow or something. Now we have a compromise. We took her crib mattress and put it next to our bed (which is on the floor - don't ask). She sleeps on it with her infant sleep incline thing so she doesn't move anywhere (cause she can wiggle all over the place if you let her) with a couple of blankets and she sleeps really well and I sleep really well. It is good all around. She likes that she can kick around too, she seems well over swaddling now. This sleeping arrangement and the 4-5 hours of consecutive sleep with usually more on top of it really help my moods too.

Zoey is slowly putting herself on a schedule. I have a baby wise book to read too so in a month or so we should be able to get her set in a routine. She will wake up about 7-8am then eat and stay awake until about 11am and then sleep and eat and then sleep about 4pm and eat and start winding down for "bed" around 9pm then wake up at 11-12 then sleep til about 5am eat and then wake up at 7am. It's a nice cycle that we can definitely work with. There are still more eating and sleeping times in there too, but the big ones seem fairly consistent (or at least easily made consistent in time).

We are so lucky that Zoey is laid back and does really well when we go out. I hear lots of moms afraid to take their babies places especially restaurants, but we will just grab our stuff and go out on a moments notice if we want. Ever since Zoey was born, she's don't really well out. As long as you have food for her if she gets hungry she is fine. She sleeps a lot of the time when we are out, but even if she is awake as long as she has a full belly she will just look around at the lights and people. She seems to have a good time and like the new stimuli. She even enjoys the park and watching Daddy play football. Then she gets to see new people and feel the grass. Like I said, I feel very lucky at this and we will take advantage.

Zoey is such a joy. She is smiling and talking more. She is so cute and has so many new faces. She stands and sits (it becomes a fun game for her). But she is also content to entertain herself at times. She has conversations with the couch and will actually get mad if you interrupt her. That is really cute. She's starting to grab things too. She will hold her hands and grab my shirt, necklace or hair. Ironically, she doesn't really grab for toys yet even when I hand them to her. But in do time we won't be able to get them away from her so I'll take this stage for now.

Well things are going really good. Stephen and I still get plenty of cuddle and talking time. I think over the years our love just grows stronger (and I would have it no other way). I love our little family. I'm just living in the moment and being happy with all that I have now. I only have one life and I intend to live every minute of it.


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