Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday (September 22) was Stephen and my 2 year wedding anniversary.

Ironically, it was a bad day for me. Zoey only let me sleep like 3 hours the night before. I have to admit I was pretty irritable for a good bit of the day. Zoey was fussy for most of the day as well. Stephen said later that she was feeding off of my mood, and maybe so, but I was feeding off her mood too. It becomes a vicious cycle.

To add to the wonderful mood, it was pouring down rain outside. I heard thunder and decided to go get the mail. I came back inside, laid the mail down, checked on Zoey and then turned around to see it begin to pour.

Then Stephen came home. I was so glad he was home. He took a crying Zoey out of my hands and sat with her then feed her (did I mention before how much I love bottles). I was able to finish dinner at least.

Stephen said he had plans for our anniversary: to go rent a movie, get me flowers or something like that at least, but the rain deterred these plans. I was glad to hear he was thinking sweet. However, since I had left my phone in the car and it was pouring outside, I was glad he came on home. I was already starting to worry about him.

The rain died down a little after dinner so we decided to go get ice cream as an anniversary treat. It was a good treat.

We also stopped in at Best Buy and got Halo ODST. I told him that was fine as long as I get to play. I did play. Shooting things is fun, the running in circles through the campaign is pretty boring. Nonetheless, my mom is coming this weekend so I figure he will be occupied with the game and if I spend a little on me and Zoey he can't complain ;)

At some point in the evening I had Zoey in my arms rested up against Stephen and I stopped to breathe in the moment. I had a bad day, but I know I am happy where it matters. I took that moment and I couldn't help but smile. I love my husband and my baby girl so much. I love my life.
We made it through two years of marriage and the birth of a child, we can make it through anything and still come out strong.

Happy Anniversary Stephen!


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  1. Aww! Amanda! I love you all so much. Happy Anniversary sweetie :-) Squeeze that baby girl for me. All of the fussiness will be a distant and surprising fond memory soon enough <3