Friday, October 23, 2009

Stay at Home Mom!

I am officially a stay at home mom!

Turns out Best Buy put me on the schedule before I was suppose to come back without even telling me. I was, dare to say, pissed off. I spent the majority of the night mad. Finally, Stephen asked whether I was mad that they pulled the crap with the schedule (which he wasn't surprised at all about by the way) or if I was mad about going back to work in general. After a couple seconds of thought I realized although the latter was upsetting, it was really the fact that I honestly did not want to return to Best Buy at all. It was a stressful environment before I left on maternity leave and from talking to the people I know still there it is even worse now. Also, that worse is not including the holidays coming up.

Stephen and I talked it over and took a good look at our finances last night. After careful consideration we determined it would be tight for a while, but we could do it. Thankfully Stephen agrees with me that the stress and strain we would both go through with me going back to work would not be worth the small amount of money it would yield. So we decided I would be a full time stay at home mom and we would figure the rest out as it came.

Also, Stephen is working with a tutoring company that has the potential to make twice as much an hour as my job did anyway with a fraction of the strain on our family. If that goes through as it looks like it will then there will be no problem (foreseeable problems at least).

So I am very thankful for my wonderful and understanding husband that looks after his family. I love you very much Stephen, I am a very lucky girl.

I am officially a stay at home mom and I am so happy!


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