Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In Memory of Maddie

This is not someone I know, but this is a story that moved me in a way I can hardly explain...

I came across this blog and this story through a friend. This family lost their daughter suddenly at four months...they are "putting her to rest" today. You can read her story.

In remembrance of her daughter Maddie, she asked that everyone wear bows today because they were Maddie's favorite and that she herself would be wearing a bow today. Well, those who know Zoey knows that she never wears bows and has never had any interest in them. Today, Zoey found the one bow that we owned an insisted on wearing it. I didn't think much of it, but encouraged her to wear the bow. A few hours later, I stumble on this blog, this woman's unreal story and this request...wear a bow in memory of this beautiful little girl. I read on and of course I cried.

Zoey picked today of all days to find the one bow she owns and insists on wearing it. I just happen to find this woman's story and her request to wear bows. Coincidence....I don't believe in coincidences. I believe God has a plan for our lives and he is in the hearts of people everywhere. The easiest place to see Him is in the eyes of a child. Whether Zoey realizes it or not, I think she found this bow to wear in Memory of Maddie, a girl she never even met.

Makes you realize just how quickly your whole life can change. Love those around you with all your heart and make sure they know it!

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