Monday, February 28, 2011

Life is about the moments...

Today is a day where there is nothing big happening, but there are so many small things. Sometimes I have to take a minute to remember the small moments at home are just as important as the big adventures we take. Life can get so busy that you miss some the most special moments in life, especially with children who grow SO fast. So I'm going to take a minute and appreciate some of the small moments of the last couple of days.

Yesterday, Zoey tripped on the brick steps leading to our door. It wasn't really a big event, but it made me realize a couple of things:

One, I could handle it. I've never liked the idea of caring for injured kids (including Stephen), but this small challenge made me realize it will be okay. Also, I knew what to do. There was no panic and no indecision. That made me feel very confident. I could stay calm and take care of her. It made me feel very Mom-like.

Two, Zoey is such a rough and tumble kid and I LOVE that! Basically she tripped on her shoe and landed face first into the brick. It sounds horrible, but in the end not so bad. She scrapped off a little skin on one side of her nose and it bleed a little, and yes she cried (I would have too probably.) But then she looked at me and Stephen reassuring her and started to calm down. She was ready to play again before we even got it cleaned up all the way.

When Zoey takes a bath, one of the ways I let her know it's time to get out is to let the water start to drain. During this bath, the water ended up draining all the way out. I say "Okay, time to get out all the water is gone." What does Zoey do, but puts her head to the tub and starts slurping up water. I can't help but laugh. Zoey is already a smart-butt and she can't even make sentences yet.

The best time is when Zoey comes and sits in my lap and we cuddle. It happens all kinds of times during the day: when we watch cartoons in the mornings, when I'm working on something and she wants to help, when we cuddle with a book to read and even while she plays with blocks or little people. It's one of the small things that I want to treasure. Plus I love hugging her and stealing kisses while she is so close.

Zoey in her cute spring dress having an adventure in the backyard

Today, I put a cute springy dress on her to try to get some good pictures. We went outside like we've been doing since the weather warmed up and Zoey goes straight for the dirt pile. I think that is AWESOME! I love having the little girl with the cute sun-dress who plays in the dirt. I love how she explores and gets really excited about whatever she is doing. Besides, it's just dirt and it all comes out in the wash.

There are many moments that make a day and they are all precious. What is the saying? It's not the years of your life, but the life of your years. I think that about sums it up. I will love Zoey and Stephen everyday because I never want to regret any moments of my life.

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