Friday, February 25, 2011

Why I love you...

This afternoon I told Zoey "I love you" as I do several times a day. And this time she looked at me with that "why" face complete with shrugged shoulders and "alejfrapoijgfKLSDFSJ" that she does.

It made me stop for a minute. I never really thought much about it. Of course I love you! You are the product of the love Stephen and I share. I knitted you together with part of myself whenever you were in my belly. You are beautiful and smart and such an individual. Of course I love you.

And then I realized...I was made to love you! Stephen and I were hand-picked from God to love YOU. You are gift from God and a part of us.

My Zoey seemed happy with my answer.

Sometimes it's good to stop and wonder why. Even though I know I love my Zoey with all of my heart, it's because of God's love for us that allows me to show it. And then I get big smiles because I know I am loved too!

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  1. This is so beautifully put! As I was reading it, it almost sound like a story that Bob and Larry would tell on Veggie Tales!! You are such an amazing mom!