Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Doctor's Appointment

I had my obgyn doctor's appointment today. There was no more scary people...I went back to the doctor that I had with Zoey who was amazing. I don't really mind driving 45 mins to get excellent care. I know I love this doctor, and even though she has an amazing new office, it is all about the same as it was...wonderful.

I actually got lost finding the new office. Ironically, it is in a new hospital that is obvious if I drive far enough down the right road. But I got there and everything was great. In fact while locating the right suite in the hospital I ran into my doctor (who I haven't seen in about a year) and she immediately recognized me, gave me a hug and said she was so glad to see me again. Talk about awesome, she made my day!

This office does a nurse talk with newly expecting patients. I didn't really think about it much while I was carrying Zoey, but now I really appreciate the effort they take to get you informed. They give you a whole pamphlet on what to eat, what to stay away from, medicines you can and can't take and a run down of each visit.

So now, I've talked to two receptionists, the head nurse, another nurse and I'm having an extremely pleasant experience. These people are kind, honest, will explain things and go out of their way to make things work. I found some good people here, I'm glad I'm back here now.

I finally get to talk to the doctor, who I really enjoy. Thankfully she said I don't have to redo the female test or the blood work (sigh of relief).

To my surprise, I started spotting last night. Lightly, but I was concerned because this didn't happen at all when I was pregnant with Zoey. The Doctor didn't sound too concerned, but checked me out and determined that my cervix was closed and the uterus looked fine.

Then she did an ultrasound to confirm the gestational age so far. My last period was around 1/28/11 to my estimation, which would make me 8 weeks along. However, when she took the measurements, the baby was only measuring 6 weeks. She said it could just be difference in ovulation, perhaps I just ovulated a little later than usual. Also, that it wasn't unusual since I'd just gotten off birth control. I didn't really know any better, but she suggested that having at least one regular cycle without birth control is ideal, so now I know.

But, the Doctor did seem a little concerned that the gestational age was behind AND the spotting together. She warned me that since it was directly after birth control the miscarriage rate does increase because the body is not always prepared to house a baby yet. She said not to worry to much about it because honestly there wasn't a whole lot I could do one way or the other, that this early on it just sort of works itself out.

With that being said, not all is lost. For one, there is no need to grieve at the possibility of losing a baby because as of right now I still have a baby growing inside me. Besides there is always the risk of a miscarriage this isn't really any different. Also, I know many people who have had healthy babies while being on birth control, so it can and does happen. I was also thinking that this is the normal time of the month for my period anyway so maybe some just leaked through (hopefully this will not continue or happen again for my sake. I mean really the best part of pregnancy besides the baby is not having a period.)

The biggest reason to not worry that trumps all of these is that it is in God's hands. There is a reason for everything and God is in control. In fact, the thought of possibly losing the baby has finally made the pregnancy feel real.

So I have another appointment in two weeks to monitor the baby's growth. I will see the ultrasound tech first and then visit with the doctor. Ideally, the baby will then measure 8 weeks and then we know he or she is growing on schedule and the due date was simply miscalculated or I ovulated late. Until then, it's just life as normal (and healthy).

I do pray that this baby stays with us and is 100% completely healthy. So pray for the expected amount of growth and a healthy mommy and baby.

An interesting note. At my previous appointment I received good news and had a horrible visit. At this appointment, I received borderline bad news and had a great visit. I also don't feel stressed like I have been for the past couple weeks about getting the right doctor. Now I know I have the right doctor and I just need to care for me and the baby (and Zoey and Stephen, well you get the picture.)

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