Saturday, March 19, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

Today is a good day. I feel very happy today. Not that I feel unhappy other days, but I woke up with a smile on my face and haven't stopped smiling since. There is nothing super special happening today, it is just a day. But I am very thankful for my wonderful family and for how blessed we are.

This morning Zoey and I went to Target. It was a fun girls outing. I treated us to popcorn and an icee, which Zoey loved! She did so well the whole time we were in there. She snacked on the popcorn and shared the icee and we would talk and shop. It was a fun adventure for us.

This afternoon is definitely nothing special. (Though a little special, today we get to visit some friends we haven't seen for a while, but that is later. You can read up in "Exciting Weekend." ) For now, I cleaned up a bit, did the dishes and cut up strawberries. But I felt very blessed to have these mundane tasks to do (definitely not a feeling I have for chores very often.) I felt like a mom (and a wife.) I am very thankful that I have a curious daughter that makes a mess, that we have food to eat that dirties up dishes, and that we have a house to live in that gets messy. These are simple things that not everyone has and though we do work hard, we are privileged to have them.

I sat outside to cut up strawberries to preserve before they went bad, and it is a gorgeous day. It is warm and I get to were shorts, which you shouldn't look too hard at my legs, but feels wonderful. I take a minute to stop and smell the strawberries (and eat one too). And I think, life doesn't get much better than this. I watch my kitty roll around on the pollen covered concrete and think if we could all stop and enjoy the small things and not focus so much on the details, we would all be more happy. I mean, who cares if you turn green, the ground will still scratch your back.

I wanted to share my happy day. And I challenge you to stop, take a minute and appreciate everything around you. It really does make a difference in how you see things. Today I will enjoy my daughter's smile and my husband's kiss and thank the Lord for such a blessed life.

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