Friday, March 18, 2011

Photo of the Week 3/11/11

I had a great idea to set aside one or two special pictures every week. I take a lot of pictures and they some times really good ones get lost in the quantity. So here are a couple from last week.

This picture was taken 3/9. Zoey was playing "noses" with Creampuff. (Noses is our name for the game Zoey plays when she finds her nose then someone else's. It has become very popular lately.) She and the kitty get along and play very well together. I'm very thankful that Creampuff is super mild and tolerant of Zoey's sometime a little rough but well-meaning love.

This is a great picture of Zoey and Stephen laying down watching cartoons one evening. She is very much a daddy's little girl. I love seeing them together.

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