Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Photo of the Week 3/23/11

There are two photos from this weekend that really stand out...

The first one is a new family picture. I love the ones that are outside. In this one we are all looking at the camera and even all mostly smiling. It's a good way to start the spring to get a good family picture.

The second one is of Zoey. Since Zoey has been able to run around I have a hard time getting good smiling pictures. This is one I took while we were playing with a noise maker (which ironically doesn't make noise anymore) at Adrianna's party. Zoey loved to be tickled with the tube that flew out when I blew it. She loved playing with that thing and laughed and laughed. I was just glad I had my camera in hand. Zoey has such a beautiful laugh.

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