Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rainy days and Wednesdays

It has been raining on and off ALL day! It's not so good because we are cooped up in the house with not motivation to go any where, especially since our park adventures are rained out. However, this is much needed rain and our garden is looking awesome! Even the droopy cucumber plants are standing straight up thanks to all the rain.

So, I'm going to get the yucky part out of the way first. Well, today I felt yucky. This morning was pretty good, Zoey and I played and I felt fine, though a little tired. However, after a much needed nap (thank you to the heavy rain for putting me to sleep so quickly) I felt yucky. (Sorry for the TMI...) I woke up with my whole stomach/female areas feeling really tender. It wasn't pain really, just uncomfortable. The spotting has turned into a continuous bleeding. I'm not letting it worry me too much, I'm hoping it is just break through bleeding. It is a little heavier, but I still consider it light to light-moderate. My periods usually last an average of 4 days, so as long as it doesn't go past this weekend I don't think there is much to worry about. The tenderness is common during my periods and I don't think it has affected my cervix. I'm also not having cramping or nausea/vomiting issues so that is all good. So hopefully this just sucks, but we can get on the the baby growing as normal.

Sometimes I wonder if being a stay at home mom is making me more aware of every little thing happening. I mean I love being with Zoey, don't get me wrong. But if I were working, or on a out of the house time frame I would be more worried about what's going on around me and less focused on every little feeling my body has. While at home, I am able to get more rest, which I am thankful for and it probably helps me out too. But I have a tendency to think about the new baby and body a lot more than if my mind was able to focus of other tasks. I mean playing with Zoey is a good distraction and lots of fun, but fixing lunch or watching the same Mickey for the second time this week isn't as mind consuming. Any way, just thoughts, I wouldn't trade being a stay-at-home mom or my time with Zoey for anything!

So on to more exciting things...Zoey was so cute today. Elmo's world featured horses today. For Christmas, Granny and Pops got Zoey a horse (on a stick). She was playing with it this afternoon and riding on it like Elmo. I was so cute. She even gave it a hug and petted it like on the show. Most often it is the little things like that that brighten up the whole day. Of course any time Zoey smiles brightens up my day.

I want to thank everyone who continue to keep us in their prayers and share stories with me. It feels really good to have friends to help hold me up. I am keeping my thoughts positive and my mind stress-free. This baby is in God's hands and he has a plan for both of us.

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