Saturday, March 26, 2011

Watch Our Garden Grow!

Today we planted our garden!!!

Our adventure this morning was to get all of the plants and small amount of tools that we needed. Zoey had a blast in Lowes! She toured the ENTIRE store in a huge lap before we got down to business. I have to admit when we got to the lumber section it smelled like my childhood days. My Daddy is a woodworker so I would come with him to get lumber all the time. I hope Zoey can have memories like that too. We finally got the plants we wanted and a couple small gardening tools. Zoey even got her own trowel to help out.

Once we got home Zoey went to sleep, our adventure had worn her out. Stephen and I set to work planting in the garden. I LOVED digging in the dirt. It felt like home. My Daddy also had big gardens when I was a kid and I would go out there to help him all the time. (If you can't tell I was a Daddy's girl and followed my Daddy around alot trying to help him whenever I could. Graciously, he jumped on the opportunities to teach me about all kinds of things. I will always thank him for that. I will always love my Daddy.) --It is cool now that I'm a mother to see Zoey doing the same thing to Stephen. I hope they have as good of a relationship as I do with my Daddy.

Stephen and I had a blast getting all the vegetables arranged and planted. In the end we had 6 tomato plants (4 big and 2 cherries), 4 Green Bell peppers, 4 jalapeƱos, 6 lettuce, 8 cucumbers, several carrots, and more onions than I cared to count.

To make the day even better, it is raining this evening for the first time in about 3 weeks. I think it was a great day to plant a garden! Hopefully we will have a good crop yield. I can't wait to go out this summer and pick everything I need to make a salad and to have fresh veggies to cook for dinner.
Oh yeah, we also planted a couple herbs this year. We chose basil and cilantro for our first attempt at herbs. I hope they do well because I would really like to expand the herb garden and add more fresh herbs to the cooking repertoire. And, we resurrected our strawberry plant from last year. It looks like it will take better root this year so hopefully that will mean more strawberries!

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