Monday, March 14, 2011

The Worst Doctor Appointment Ever

I'm pregnant!!! I'm so excited! (Now I apologize upfront for the rant I'm about to have...)

I couldn't wait until my doctor's appointment this morning to confirm that I am pregnant so I can tell everyone, but what I thought was a consultation appointment was so horrible it is overshadowing my joy.

I went to the obgyn close to the house for my 1st prenatal appointment today. It all went wrong from the moment I walked in the door. The lady didn't even acknowledge me when I went in. I mean, I know she can't necessarily help me the moment I walk in, but is eye contact to much to ask? Then I wait ten minutes before I even start filling out paper work. (btw there are only two other people in the waiting room).

So I finally fill out paper work and the lady is like that will be $125. WHAT? This caught me completely off guard! I never had to pay upfront at my last obgyn (or any other doctor that I can remember except co-pay). Now I'm not really savvy in the medical world or how payment and insurance works, but I figured they would have at least warn me. This frustrated me and got me a little emotional despite myself. If it was the only the wrong with the visit it probably could have been overlooked.

Also, in the paperwork they include all the down syndrome tests (I don't remember all of the specific names). I thought this was really odd. With Zoey, the doctor sat down with us and explained what all the tests meant and if we wanted them. I don't think it was upfront like this. I mean, if this was my first kid, I would have no idea what it was and thought I needed them. I know now that I don't want them, but I didn't like that.

After about 45 mins I get called back to see the nurse. Standard height, weight, pee in a cup whatever. But the nurse wasn't very nice. Again, I overlooked this.

The doctor was about the best part of the visit. She was very nice. She talked with me and answered most of my questions (though rather vaguely). So we talked about my daughter's birth, family health history, pretty standard stuff. (Though I couldn't help but think that I had just answered all these questions in the waiting room, it would be nice if they could refer to that and then ask any questions they had. Or put the doctor's notes in the file, but again overlooked because I think that happens alot.) Then she did a pap spear. Okay that makes sense, that was done early on the first time.

So far, not a great visit, but overlookable. Then the nurse has to take blood. ICK! I hate getting my blood drawn. Did I mention I thought this was a consultation and a make a plan visit? (My last go around at this they did a nurse consultation and then I met the doctor, a great introduction to the place...not here, they just assume, I hate assumers). So they were going to take blood, (deep breath), okay. (I did it a few weeks in last time at a labcorp, which was nice because I was prepared for it and it didn't make me afraid of the doctor's office.)

So now for the straw that broke the camel's back...the nurse comes in to take my blood and asks in a rough and demanding voice, "Do you have an hour to stay for a glucose test?" WHAT? NO! I'm like, you do that later, why in the world would you do that now? Her're obese so you have to have it now. EXCUSE ME ! That is the rudest way anyone at a doctor's office has EVER talked to me!!! I was ready to walk out the door right there. I asked if I could reschedule the bloodwork and leave. She said no. I could reschedule that glucose but not the bloodwork. I said do it fast and then I'm leaving.

She did the bloodwork, thankfully easily and made me wait until she talked to the doctor. When she came back she said I could go but I had to reschedule the glucose. I talked the woman at the checkout and left without any appointment. I'm not going back there after that. Total time wasted...1 hour and 40 mins.

Now to recap...I might have over reacted. But looking back on it, it was really that nurse that made it so horrible. But the whole experience was not pleasant. I didn't even have that much stress when giving birth to Zoey or any of the prenatal visits with her. I mean, I understand that I haven't exactly shed all of my weight from Zoey's birth and I've always been a little on the larger side (so the glucose possibly makes sense), but I'm healthy and for the nurse to answer me that way is unacceptable. Not to mention she bombarded me with the whole ordeal. If she had come in and explained the situation before waving the bottle of disgusting syrup in my face, she might have gotten a different response from me. I admit I was a bit emotional and snapped at her about it, but I don't apologize because that was unacceptable in my opinion.

So now instead of feeling so excited and ready to tell the whole world I'm pregnant, I am filled with anger, stress, worry and uncertainty about what to do now.


  1. I agree wholeheartedly Amanda. For her to say that so rudely is completely unacceptable from somebody who's supposed to be a nursing professional. They're trying to make you want to come back again, not piss you off so badly you want to burn the place to the ground.

    And I don't care if you were 500 pounds and could barely walk, saying it like /that/ was just not cool at all. I would have filed a complaint if I were you. Managers usually like to know if their employees are being asses.

    On a lighter note though, just forget about it because you've got tons more doctors visits to go and this is just one crappy one out of the many more that are gonna go great (optimism at its best). You've got a brand new life inside of you. Don't sweat the small stuff. If you can get by with just this one crappy doctors appointment, you're doing good. :D

    Let yourself be excited, and don't let it get to you. You're a nice, funny, intelligent, and beautiful young woman! Be a duck and keep on swimming gurl!

  2. Amanda ~ I am so sorry you had to go through that! I HATE the way doctor's offices run like a business sometimes. You deserve to be treated better. I don't have time to spend expressing my disgust, but I wanted to tell you CONGRATULATION! I am so happy for you. It is a different and FANTASTIC world with 2!

  3. I am so sorry you had such a negative experience for such a happy occasion. As a nurse, I am particularly offended by that office's bad vibe. All I can think is there must be a really bad dynamic there. Where did you deliver last time and is staying with your previous MD not an option?
    Hope you can put this behind you as their issue; the poor, miserable souls, and look ahead to the joy of a baby brother or sister for our Zoey :)

  4. Hey Amanda - Congratulations, wow #2!

    First, let me recommend that you call your insurance company and see if they have preferred providers in your area. Also ask them what your benefits cover and if there is a co-pay due at each visit.

    I believe the office you visited lacked greatly in people skills if you know what I mean. If you felt uncomfortable then, I definitely wouldn't be going back!

    Wow, so exciting with 2, and a little scary too, routines change, but oh what blessings!