Thursday, March 24, 2011

Zoey's Big Girl Bed!

Last night Zoey slept in her big girl bed for the first time! We took the side off her crib so she could get in and out of it, making it a big girl bed. She was so excited and proud of herself too! When she saw it she spent a good five minutes climbing in and out of it.

She didn't want to go to bed, even though she now had free reign of her room. She was crying after a little bit, something she doesn't do at bedtime anymore, and we check on her to find out she has turned her light off. Note to self, Zoey doesn't like the dark much. After we calmed her down, we sent her back to bed. I sat with her and read a book. We read books often, but it's never been a bedtime routine, I could see that changing in the near future.

She did well in the bed after that. We put her lamp higher so she couldn't turn it off again. When we went to check on her when we went to bed she was asleep in the bed on her back. She looked so cute! I was impressed she was actually in the bed.

This morning I found her on the floor beside the bed. Sometime during the night or early morning she must have gotten up to party. She was groggy for a little longer than usual, but after breakfast she was as good as new. She apparently the big girl bed worked out all right.

Our little girl is growing up! I'm so proud of her and her independence. She was so excited about her big girl bed. I think after a few nights it will be a good, new routine for her.

She's taking a nap now in her new big girl bed. So far I hear a lot of talking and toys going off. We'll see if she gets around to sleeping. Nonetheless, I think she is ready for the freedom. Yay, my baby girl is in her big girl bed!

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  1. We can't believe how big she's getting! Love that picture of her sitting on the bed. She looks just like a picture I have of Steve at that age xo