Wednesday, April 20, 2011

30 Days of me...Day 6: My Superhero is my Mom!

(I haven't wrote about my 30 days topic in a while, so I figured I would try to keep it going amongst other posts. You can check out the first post explaining the topic titled 30 Days of Me.)

My Favorite Superhero and why...

Well, I have never really been into comics or know much about superheroes. In fact, I never even knew the comic universe was so intricate until Stephen clued me in. I mean, I knew Superman, Batman and Spider-man, but that's about it (with a few other exceptions). So, my superhero is a little different...

My Superhero is my Mom!

Dee, Super Woman and my Mom!

This is my Mom (Granny) making muffins with Zoey when she and my Dad (also Super Man/Pops)          came to visit for her birthday last month. They were the best parents to me and now they are being awesome grandparents to Zoey too!

Growing up my Mom was Super Woman. She could do anything and everything. She can cook, sew, and cross-stitch as good as anyone I know and then she can turn around a have a knowledgeable conversation about cars or engines. She was (and still is) a mechanical engineer, I always though it was cool she prospered in a man's field. As I got older I understood what it took to accomplish that. But she was more than just an engineer, she was my Mom and I think she cared about that title more than any she could ever get at work. She would take me to school, go to work, come home and (many nights) cook dinner and then go with me to Girl Scouts, dance, band or whatever I was into at the time or just sit in the floor and play games with me. She was my Girl Scout leader, very active in my dance and band, I mean she did it all!  She would even spend her weekends out shopping with me, on a Girl Scout trip, at a dance show or even camping. I was always so thankful she spent so much time with me. I realized how much it meant to me then, but now that I'm a mom, it means even more. Now that I am in her shoes I can see the amount of sacrifice and hard work she put into everything that she did and still does. I've always admired and looked up to my mom, and now I still look to her for advice and as a role model. I hope I'm as good of a mom as mine was to me. She is now my best friend as well as my Mother.

I love you Mom!

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