Thursday, April 21, 2011

Are days ever REALLY boring?

As I sit at my computer at one of the few times I am able to write a day, I have no good topic for a blog post. But me being me, hates the idea of wasting time on the Internet (which I do way to often) and leaving a time to write an empty page. I don't have a good topic, but I have lots of thoughts bouncing around in my head. Maybe I just need to get some of these thoughts out. Writing has always been my way to sort through ideas, so here goes.

As I sit here with nothing to write. I begin to any day REALLY boring. I mean, usually I write about what we are up to or what adventures (big or small) we have been on. But today hasn't really been an adventure at all, it has been incredibly normal. But does normal mean boring? I don't really think so. Because even though we haven't done anything incredibly interesting, we have done a lot of things.

I found out at breakfast this morning that Zoey really likes orange juice. She has had it before, but only in sips. This morning, she steals my cup and drains half of it (actually drinks it instead of dumps it on her plate like usual). So I give her some in her cup. She drinks all of that and asks for more. I guess she could have just been really thirsty, but she did have her regular juice, so I think she just likes orange juice.

We watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse every morning. Mickey just starts the day off right for Zoey. It's so cute to see her watching it too. I've seen them all (it seems like hundreds of times, but that is probably an exaggeration) so I end up watching her instead of Mickey. And her eyes just light up when she sees Mickey appear to invite everyone to the clubhouse. She answers their questions and counts with them too! She has "one, two, three" down and is starting to pick up on more. She calls Toodles with them too, "oh Too-Too"(they call for toodles when they need a mouse-ka-tool). Yesterday we were playing with her Mickey figurines (she has all 6 of the main characters: Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto) and I asked her who was her favorite. She pointed straight to Mickey and then thought a minute and pointed to Minnie too. These two were on opposite sides and mixed up with the others. She even tried to say their names. She's getting them down pretty well too.

Zoey can now ask for an apple. She goes to the fridge and pulls on it with a verbal request that I assume means to open the door. When I do, she reaches right into the drawer and pulls out her apple and walks away happy as a lark. I think it is pretty cute that just randomly she'll run into the kitchen (always getting our attention first) to get an apple. I am glad she wants apples, yogurt or some other veggie instead of cookies and chips all the time.

Zoey really likes apples!

Although, she likes cookies and chips too. This morning she got a hold of the cheese puffs where I didn't put them up like I should have last night and was snacking away on them (unclipping the bag all by herself). So, she managed to swindle cheese puffs to go along with her banana and cereal for breakfast this morning.

Tinkerbell (the second one) came on Disney this morning and Zoey climbed into my lap to watch part of it. I love cuddle time. I just can't get enough of holding her close and stealing kisses. I'll probably do this as often as she lets me. Even though she is amazingly independent, she'll still come and love on me, give me kisses and cuddle with me. I love those moments whenever I get them. She can't really say "I love you" yet, but she continually shows Stephen and I both how much she loves us.

Zoey has this felt board with letter to stick on it. She brought it to me and started handing me letters off of it. I would tell her what letter it was and put it on the board. Then she would hand me another one, try to repeat the letter I tell her and then put it on the board next to the last one. Our words came out like "gtrdo" or pbedu" but I think she is beginning to understand the structure of words and letter sounds.

Zoey likes to play hide and seek now, especially right before nap or bedtime. Today she hid behind a chair. She is so funny because I caught her laughing amidst merciless tickling, but as soon as I say it's time to rest (she takes that much better than saying nap), she immediately gives me puppy eyes and whimpers to let her stay up longer. She knows this doesn't work, but I suppose it's a last ditch effort anyway. The best part is even though she doesn't like getting to her bed, once she is there and she sees her books and stuffed animals she is usually satisfied and I rarely hear a peep out of her (or her talking to her animals or reading a book to herself).

My abs hurt so bad today after working out so hard this week that it hurts to cough. I had some water go down the wrong pipe and I don't know what hurt worse, my throat or my abs from coughing. It is a good thing to be sore though, it means I'm making my body healthier again. I've been doing workouts and yoga all week, I have to admit, I'm pretty proud of myself.

I decided to give my abs a break (somewhat) and do some weeding instead of a workout routine today. I have to announce...weeding IS a workout! I started getting some of the last few big weeds up, which consisted of bending, twisting, pulling, digging--basically a full workout. Then I focused on one small area to get all of the weeds gone and that was work too, even though I was sitting down for that part. It is incredibly peaceful and calm to work in the yard.

So there you go...I had nothing to write about and just look at the novel I ended up writing. No, I don't think days are ever REALLY boring. Most of the time being bored just means you don't know what to do next. And with a (not quite yet) 2 year old running around, there isn't much time to be indecisive. Either you direct her to something to do or she will direct you. Kids are fun though, and when I focus on what we actually do each day (and I didn't write about nearly all we did) it's always something interesting.

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