Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cool Girl Zoey

Zoey is always doing new, cool stuff and today was no different:

My ZoeyBug having a blast as usual
We ran to the store for some last minute pickups and Zoey found a 6 pack of egg-shaped chalk. She was very intent on it and I thought it would be fun to play with so we through that in the cart as well. When we got home she found it out of the bag and immediately opened them. She kept playing with them like they were real eggs. It was pretty cute. It even occurred to me that she probably thought they were like the eggs on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. (For all my toddler-less friends, it's an episode where they find 6 eggs on an egg hunt and put them into a container that looks just like the one these chalks were in.) We finally showed her that it was chalk, but she seemed more interested in the egg part. It is so funny what kids hang onto and get into.

To continue with Mickey, Zoey gets so involved with her favorite cartoon. She answers their questions and counts with them. Her newest addition when watching Mickey is when they call for a Mousekatool. Every so often they call "Oh, Toodles" to help them on whatever quest they have and Zoey has started to call too..."Oh, Too-Too." The first time I heard it I almost laughed out loud. I was impressed actually. And it is consistent, every time they call Toodles she says "Oh Too-Too." It is too cute.

When Zoey got up from her nap today I saw that she had her baby doll sitting next to her and her tea pot, cups and cake set. She plays tea time with me (and whoever else is around and will take a spot of tea) all the time, but it really is pretend when she gets her baby doll in on the action. I love the tea pot set she has. She got it for Christmas from her Granny and Pops. It talks to you and sings, but the coolest thing is when you tip it, it makes a pouring sound. So she will tip the pot over the cup and when the pouring sound stops she will lift the pot and hand you the cup. I was very excited when she started doing this a while back. I enjoyed tea time when I was a kid, and I look forward to it with Zoey.

Zoey posing before she scores her goal
The other day, we were outside playing and I took a bunch of pictures. I put her in a pretty dress trying to get some good Easter pictures. It's hard to do "photo studio" when she doesn't sit still, so I just followed her around instead. I though the outside pictures would be nice too. I ended up getting a few good ones.

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