Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Egg-travaganza

This morning we had a blast at the Easter Egg Hunt! I am a member of the Summerville Moms group where moms can meet each other and learn about awesome things to do around town with kids. I love the group and meeting new people. Anyway, today was the Easter party, complete with Egg Hunt. Zoey had such a good time!

Zoey saying "Hi" from the Easter Party

There were lots of kids there and lots of moms to meet. As soon as we walked in the door, Zoey gave one of the other kids a big hug. I'm thinking that this is going to be a great day. There was all kinds of stuff to do. There were lots of outside equipment to play on and with, then we did the Easter egg hunt, had lunch and then we frosted cupcakes (and then ate those cupcakes, Zoey had extra sprinkles on hers.)

Zoey digging into her cupcake with extra sprinkles

It was so cute because she wanted to go out in the yard to find eggs before it was time, but then when we were suppose to go collect them, she didn't want much to do with it. At that point, I think she saw all the play things available for playing with and was more interested in that. We did get her out in the field and she was excited for about 2 seconds, picked up about three eggs and then headed back to play. We did get her out again to pick up a few more and take fun pictures. She had a lot of fun though, and that's what matters.

Zoey finding her eggs in the Easter Egg Hunt

I think Zoey had the most fun with a little Power Wheels car. Stephen showed her how to push the pedal and make it go and then she was off! She kept going back to that little car the whole time we were there. She got really good at driving it and eventually even steered with the wheel instead of heading straight for the wall. She was so cute in it.

Cool Girl Zoey driving Power Wheels!

They also had a small jump house set up. Zoey liked bouncing in that too. And a play house, which I think she enjoyed opening and closing the windows more than anything else. We played and ran and ate and talked to people. It was a nice afternoon. And thankfully the rain held off for us. (It was suppose to be storming all day.). Hopefully it will stay away until tomorrow.

Zoey saying "Hi" to Daddy from the bouncy house

I was really proud of Zoey because she played very well with the other kids and shared all of the cool toys. She played with the other kids, but also didn't mind playing by herself. That's why I originally joined the Moms group, so Zoey would have the chance to play with other kids and no just with Mommy and she could learn to share and interact with them. Overall, I think she is doing very well. And we had a great time!

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