Saturday, April 9, 2011

Flowertown Festival

Yay another awesome family pic!

Last weekend was the Flowertown Festival in Summerville. I think it is so cool that our little town houses such a huge event. I look forward to this every year now. This is our third year going. The first year I was pregnant, the second Zoey was snuggled into a stroller and this year she walked almost the entire way (except we were in high traffic areas). We always have a blast.

Zoey enjoying a gyro

The best part of the whole festival is the food! We started off with some yummy fries. Then Stephen got us a funnel cake. And then the best part...gyros!!! Many places have great gyros, but there is nothing like the greasy delicious ones at the festivals. Zoey even really liked them the year. She gobbled up the lamb meat like it was about to run off the plate.

Zoey walking with Stephen at the Flowertown Festival. 
She was so excited to get that balloon too!

These festivals bring back so many memories for me. My Dad, by trade, is a woodworker. When I was younger we would all pack up and go to various festivals all over North and South Carolina to sell the goods we made. It was always a family event to make and an adventure to sell. I had so much fun. You really get to know the people and culture of these festivals and they are awesome! That is how I see all the vendors, like a huge family doing what they love. All these people take a craft they really enjoy and expand it to share with others. The money can be really good too, but my favorite part was always when someone found that treasure that makes their eyes light up. 

I think Zoey has as much fun at the festivals as I do. And I also hope we can have our own memories of things that we do together as a family.

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