Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gardens and Workouts

Zoey water the plants with her sippy cup

Today was a beautiful day outside! Zoey and I went out to enjoy it early today. I watered our garden, like I do everyday, but I had the satisfaction of noticing our plants are doing very well! We lost our cucumbers and it doesn't look like the watermelon is going to prosper, but everything else is looking great. Our bell peppers are standing tall and so are the jalapeƱos. The lettuce and carrots (both from seeds) are sprouting up nicely. The onions are strong even though Zoey has walked through them several times now. Our tomatoes even have tiny green tomatoes on them!!! (I'm looking forward to the home-grown tomatoes the most!) The basil and cilantro are about to overflow from the planter. And our strawberry plant has several blooms on it! Yay for strawberries soon! I'm so excited that it is all looking so good. I have visions of going to the garden and gathering veggies/herbs to make fresh for dinner in the near future.

Zoey was so cute in the garden today. She loves to stand under the water hose while I'm watering the garden, which makes a fun sprinkler. Today though, she took it one step further. I filled her cup up with water from the hose, but before I could put the top on she was drinking it from her cup. Then she poured the rest of the water on the basil plant. Then she asked for more and pour it on the cilantro plant. The next batch would go on the strawberries. This went on for quite a while, like 20 minutes! I would only get a little bit of water in her cup before she was off though, so it wasn't too much. She will do anything for more time to play in the water though, she is definitely a water baby.

When Zoey went down for her nap, I broke out the exercise video. I didn't weed the yard today, but I figured I could at least get my blood pumping with some ab cardio. Well, I was definitely sweating! I felt so good. I actually surprised myself by being able to do more than I thought. It is amazing how much more balanced and able to breath since my one yoga session last night. I think there is really something (finally) happening here. I've been needing to do this since Zoey was born...better late than never I suppose. Among many things, this miscarriage has motivated me to get back to exercising (and finally losing the baby weight from Zoey, which I am embarrassed to say I still have.) I am also very thankful that Netflix has many workout DVDs on instant queue so I can hop around from one to another. I dislike just going through one over and over again, I get bored way too easily. But I am feeling good, I am ready to keep this up!

Our basil and cilantro are looking great!

Look! There are tiny green tomatoes! Yummy!

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  1. Don't feel bad, I still have the baby weight from Brody and he's 3. It's hard to remember to take care of yourself when you're taking care of someone else all day. But it's never too late to start :)