Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Today is Easter! I think this is the first Easter we have been home with no real plans in forever (at least since Stephen and I have known each other). We are always visiting people or have some event to go to, but this year, it's just us, at home, enjoying the day.

Zoey examining her Easter goodies

I talked to Zoey about Easter and Jesus dying and rising again. I'm not sure she understood much of that. However, I also told her that the Easter bunny would leave her a surprise this morning...that part I think she understood. This morning Zoey heard Stephen and I walking around (getting everything ready) and started banging on the door. When we were ready, we opened her door ready for good morning hugs and kisses. Instead, she swooshes past us and runs to the living room right to her Easter basket. I just start laughing...I was the same way as a kid. She was so excited about her basket. She pulled it up and started looking through it. She really did have a good time and she played with all of her surprises throughout the day. And we did get hugs and kisses, they were just a little delayed.

Zoey and Mommy eating a banana and chocolate bunny

Zoey very quickly found the chocolate bunny and dug right in. I suppose a chocolate bunny (though part of it was saved for later), banana and cereal is a pretty good Easter breakfast. She also got a Mickey puzzle, which she loved! She is such a Mickey girl. She also got an Easter Mickey book and a Mickey bubble wand. We watched the Blue's Clues video twice today, so I know she liked that. She even asked to watch it the second time with words, "want Blue." She didn't care too much about her t-shirt, but that one was really for Mommy anyway. It is cute though, a turquoise blue with a pink and yellow Superman symbol on it.

Zoey and Daddy and bunny straws

The last thing she got were plastic straws with bunnies on them. She loves straws now and trying to drink from a cup, so I figured it was a winner. However, it was Zoey that figured out she could make noise if she blew or sucked air through them. Yeah, pretty much, she made out like a fat rat. But there aren't many times a year I get to spoil her so Easter is a fun day to get a few surprises.

Zoey blowing bubbles from her Mickey wand

We just had a relaxing day together as a family. We went outside and played. Zoey enjoyed her Mickey bubble wand. She's been getting into bubbles lately and she can blow them all by herself. We also played in her pool and played catch. Zoey even helped water the garden and herbs.

Zoey the scientist is coloring eggs

After Zoey's nap we colored Easter eggs. She had a blast with that. She started out all nice and neat by putting the eggs in a color and then switching it to another color. But then, she turned mad scientist on us and started experimenting. She would crack the egg so the dye would run into the egg and she would mix the colors to make new colors. In the end, it was pretty much a mess, but I know she had a blast playing with it. She even ate some of it (after she got the shells off) and apparently she thought it was pretty good.

Stephen and me...It's a great Easter!

I like visiting people and running around doing things, but sometimes it is nice to relax and spend a holiday the lazy way. Most importantly I was with Stephen and Zoey, which would make any Easter complete. I am very thankful for my family, they are pretty awesome people. Thank you Jesus for dying for our sins so we may know you! Easter is a victory and a holiday to celebrate above all, Love! Both Jesus' love for us and our love with Him and each other.

Zoey playing with her new Mickey puzzle

Zoey being silly...I love that smile!

Zoey is an Easter basket head!

Happy Easter!
John 11:25-26 (NIV): Jesus said to her, "I am the rusurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die."

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  1. Sounds like y'all had a great Easter! Zoey is too cute :)