Saturday, April 30, 2011

I Love Yoga!

I am by no means a yoga expert, but a few weeks ago I decided to take the plunge and try yoga. I was unsure of it mostly because I am weary of things that are in surrounded by hype. But I tried it, and fell in love instantly.

I decided to start with an easy method. I chose Candlelight Yoga done by the Crunch Series. This is a series I have been working out with for years, mostly with dance exercises. I think it was the perfect yoga DVD to start out with. It teaches you the concept of breathing in a relaxed atmosphere that focuses on gentle stretches. After I followed this DVD, I automatically felt better and found it fairly easy to try other Yoga/Pilate techniques.

I actually tried Pilates in college, but found it boring and not at all rewarding. It just goes to show how much I have changed in the past few years. Back then I was always on the move, I didn't want to slow down for anything. Of course, back then I was also in the best shape of my life and had no reason to not go full speed toward all the possibilities I had before me. However, now, all I want is to slow down and relieve some of the tension the years have given me. Now, I understand how important it is to stop and breathe.

Candlelight Yoga is perfect for slowing down and unwinding. I continue to go back to this DVD and follow through it once or twice a week to keep stretched out and relaxed. I completed the routine tonight and immediately felt better (and I wasn't even tense.) I could feel my entire spine relax like it hadn't been able to breath fully for years. I never realized how much I slouched until I started doing these exercises. My back and posture have greatly improved in just a few weeks! I feel better physically and emotionally. And most importantly I am able to keep up enough energy to chase Zoey around all day.

I really enjoy yoga and would recommend it to anyone. I am by no means an expert and I doubt I have even attempted half of the techniques or positions yet, but I am ready to try. The best thing about Candlelight Yoga is you can find it and many the other Crunch Series workout DVDs on Netflix instant queue. I love this because I can go through many different routines throughout the week (I love to keep my workouts different and challenging so I don't get bored.)

I wanted to share this new passion with the world...Namaste.

*note: I am not affiliated with or profiting from Crunch or Candlelight Yoga. I simply found this specific yoga routine and wanted to share my personal opinion about the product.


  1. Yay! I'm so glad that you tried and now love yoga! It is so wonderfully relaxing! What's your favorite pose so far?

  2. My favorite pose so far is Tree Pose. I am super impressed that I can even stand up in it! I used to have good balance, but it seems to come and go. So with this it is getting better than ever. I really love the overall routines though. It feels so good to get stretched out and limber. I just can't believe how much energy I have now!

  3. I'm not great at the standing Tree pose. ha I'm not balanced enough to hold it for long! But I am so glad that you love yoga!! :)