Monday, April 18, 2011

Take Me Out the to Ballgame...

This past weekend we went to the local minor league baseball game. Go Charleston Riverdogs! Stephen's work has a box at the stadium and every group within the company gets a chance to go. It is so much fun! So, we went!

The whole family...we really enjoyed the ball game!

Zoey was so amazing at the game! We went twice last year, once in the spring and once in the fall. Zoey did well then too, but the first time she was about 8 months so she was just taking it all in. The second time Zoey was a year old and walking, but with no real direction yet, so she was a handful the whole night, though it still made for a fun time.

Zoey was so excited! She walked the whole way there!

But this year she is old enough to understand boundaries and be able to interact better with everyone. The best part, she even paid attention to the game! At one point she stayed still and interested in the game for over an inning! It was quite impressive.

Zoey watching the game, she seemed to really enjoy it

The food was excellent as always. We had hot dogs, chicken tenders, BBQ, pretzels, fruit, brownies and popcorn. Zoey sat down on the stairs and ate a whole plate. I sat right beside her, ate and watched the game. It was very peaceful.

Zoey eating the most delicious popcorn ever!

Zoey was so well behaved. She had a blast with all of Stephen's co-workers too. She would say hi and talk to all that spoke to her. She even took Stephen's cube-mate, Jackie, on an adventure. There were also a couple of older kids there that had a good time with Zoey. One girl in particular (about 10ish) had a blast showing Zoey around the box we were in and talking with her. At one point she even came up to me and said "Zoey gave me a hug!" I know she had more fun because there was a little kid to play with, and now the Mommy in me is very thankful for the distractions for Zoey because as long as she is occupied she will be fine.

Zoey wore the shirt that Stephen got for her that says "Self-rescuing Princess." I was so excited that her got it for her. And she looks adorable in it! I think Stephen was really proud of his little girl at the baseball game. Also, there were complimentary beanies from the team and Zoey LOVES beanies. She got one of those and wore it almost all night. It was really cute.

Zoey posing to show me her awesome shirt and new hat

Zoey had a lot of fun when the mascot came in to see us. The Riverdogs' mascot is a dog, (go figure), but the one that came to see us was the girl dog named Chelsea dressed up in a cheerleader outfit. Zoey was infatuated with her. She ran over and gave her a hug and then studied her hands a few minutes. Then she pointed to her nose and then kissed it. She was very gentle with her. I looked up and everybody else was watching Zoey with the mascot, it was really cute. Zoey would have stayed there all day and just watched the "puppy" if she could have. But eventually Chelsea had to get back to the game and Zoey wasn't very happy about that, actually it was the only time the whole night she threw any sort of tantrum.

Zoey playing the the mascot dog, Chelsea

During the 7th inning stretch, the entire stadium stopped and sang "Take me out to the ballgame." Zoey didn't know what to think! At first she was surprised, and then confused and then excited that everyone was singing. I'll try to teach her the song before we go back so she can sing along.

Zoey getting into "Take me out to the ballgame"

Zoey went strong the entire night. She didn't even go to sleep on the way home (which is about a 40 min drive). It's amazing how Zoey getting just a little bit older changes the whole dynamic of going to the baseball game. I was so proud of my little girl!

Zoey was still laughing on the way out the stadium!

Oh, yeah, by the way, The Riverdogs won! The Charleston Riverdogs beat the Rome Braves 6-3! It was a great night!

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