Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Beach Day

On Memorial Day we went to the Beach! It was a gorgeous afternoon, perfect beach weather. It was mid 80s so hot, but not too hot. And it was sunny, but nice a breezy on the beach.

Zoey had a BLAST! She is such a water baby. She saw the ocean and literally gasped. We went to the beach in FL, but it was in the bay and very calm, this was the Atlantic, huge and full of life. She was ready to go right when we got there. Other than that, it is our first time coming out as a family this year and she wouldn't have remembered last year.

First, she walked along the tidal pools for a while and then we headed for the ocean. I was very excited about how excited she got about the ocean. After the first introduction, which she loved, we got her swimmies. With the floats on her arms, she was ready to go. Whenever a wave would knock her over, she got herself right back up. Those swimmies are amazing! They helped her keep her head above water and get her balance while getting back up. She wasn't afraid of the waves at all and would laugh when they hit her, even in the face.

She was so brave too. She wanted to go way deep. And we did too. We jumped waves all the way out beyond where she could touch. She liked splashing and swimming out there. She loves to bounce and we would "bow" over all the waves. She loved walking along the beach too, on the sand and in the surf.

We had a great family afternoon. I love the beach and I'm glad Zoey does too.

Zoey was so excited she ran from the car to the sand,
then she slowed down only because it was "hot hot"

Zoey loved the water!
She and the ocean make very good friends.

Of course, we had to spend some time
playing in the sand!

Zoey was ready to go back for more!

She was so happy in the water

Zoey liked riding on Daddy's back,
not only was she in the water, but she was climbing too!

She would laugh even when the waves splashed her in the face.

My baby girl, swimming in the ocean!
(She has a pretty good kick too.)

Zoey took her toys hostage when it was time to leave.
We had a blast, but then it was time to go home.

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