Monday, May 23, 2011

Closing Time?

What would happen if the Internet shut down for even a day? Now that would feel like the end of the world. Businesses wouldn't be able to run, the stock market would crash, our ability to communicate would almost cease and people would have to find a new hobby besides online games, facebook or watching youtube.

I love the Internet as much as the next person (obviously, I'm using it right now), but the question came to mind today. Two blogs I follow have closed their comments in order to better live their real lives (the one outside the Online community). I commend their efforts to focus on their families, their homes and their lives. And it makes me take a look at myself...

Stephen, Zoey and I enjoying our evening.

Thankfully, I've never had a problem with being addicted to the Internet. I know it can be very addicting. I've read a lot recently, even before these two "closings," about how social media is affecting individuals focus on what really matters. (Jon Acuff has a great post on this call "Losing sight of the tweets that matter most.")

I started thinking about why I write this blog. At the top of the list is MY SANITY! That is a very good reason to write. I've always been a writer, even as a kid. I'm horrible at keeping a journal, but I like to write things down to get them out of my head or sort through my thoughts. I have a tendency for my head to get so full of thoughts that I can't even think straight, let alone focus on what I am actually doing. So in that respect, my blog is very nice. It allows me to write down and sort through my thoughts while sharing my experiences with other.

I have come to love this aspect of blogging. I was at first nervous to have my thoughts out there for anyone to read, but the more feedback I get, the more I realize that people aren't out there to judge you (for the most part at least) they are out there reading to find others who think like they do. I believe people, at the core, just want to be accepted and find others who share the same experiences. Through this community I am a stronger mother and, I think, a better homemaker. I have found others who struggle with the same daily tasks and deal with the same type of rambunctious kid(s) like I do. It has made me like I can handle anything. And some days, it just gives me a chance to share a laugh with some friends.

I do get myself a little overwhelmed at times. I get so many ideas that I just can't get them all down. I'm trying to write down the gist of it so I can come back to it. I think that is more my mind going into hyper-drive. I am making it a point not to get stressed though because I don't want my escape to become my prison. I don't want to post because I feel like I have to, I want to want to. (Did you get that?) I want to keep my love for writing.

I do follow a simple, yet very important guideline...I only blog when Zoey is asleep (napping or bedtime), I don't do chores when she is asleep, I do things for myself because it is one of the few times I get to myself. In fact, I do more during naps because much of my evening is spent with Stephen. In other words, I don't blog when I should be doing something else. My family always comes first.

Blogging really is an escape for me. It is one of the things that I do for myself. I love for everyone to read, enjoy and share with me on my blog, but I write it only for me. I need the escape to give myself a chance to think. You'd be surprised how hard it is to get a coherent thought in with a toddler, a new dog and a house that demands attention. Then again, maybe you wouldn't be surprised at all.

I used to have conversations all the time about life, love, how the universe works, how I want to spend my life and what I want to do. I miss these conversations. I have some of those topics fairly figured out, but there are always dreams to have and things I want to do. I want to keep talking about how the universe works and to add to that now, what makes a toddler tick. Whoever figures that one out should win the Nobel Peace Prize.

The next generation is extremely tech savvy!

I will say that giving our "real life" the attention it needs is getting harder and harder. Zoey (not even two) already loves playing with my iPhone and understands a lot about computers. The next generation is growing up with technology (much more than I did) and I believe it is important to teach what really matters. The best way to teach is to be an example. I am trying; just another reason to blog while she is asleep. Honestly, I think we will be just fine.

So...that's a lot of rambling. Hopefully it made at least a little sense. The point is: I love to write and I hope you enjoy reading it. I love to hear what you have to say and stories you want to share. Just remember that life outside of the computer is more important.

For some reason this subject has gotten the song "Closing Time" by Semisonic in my head (I can't believe that song is over a decade old now.) The best phrase: "You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here."

By the way...
The two blogs that closed it's comments are "Love, Life, Lace" and "Like a Warm Cup of Coffee" by Sarah Mae (the author of the book challenge I am doing "31 Days to Clean").

Does the Internet ever get in your way of living? I hope you are having a great day!

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