Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 13: Fighting Fatigue

Zoey and I picking a flower while visiting
Granny and Pops last week.

Even though Zoey is now almost 2 (21 months), sometimes I still find it really hard to get motivated and stay rested. This makes me feel guilty because it isn't because a newborn is keeping me up or I go work long hours out of the house. I don't know what causes it really, but today's challenge does give me some insight on how to fix it.

It is a fine line that we walk between too much and not enough sleep and activity. Too little sleep or too much activity will cause us to be over-tired, easily stressed, non-coherent and for the most part useless. However, the opposite is also true. If we get too much sleep or too little activity our body goes into a sort of hibernation. So the challenge is to find the balance.

This over-tiredness is something I have been battling with recently. It is one of the motivators that got me to start doing yoga. Which I love by the way! I have also been eating better and more regularly. For a while I would hardly even eat lunch. I would get Zoey all set up with her food and then finish whatever chore I was working on to get it finished. Now I fix Zoey and I the same food (for the most part) and I sit down with her and we eat together. It has helped me to eat more consistently and I give myself the same balanced lunch as I give Zoey.

My mom was a superwoman when I was a kid. She would get up and take me to school, go work all day, come home and then play with me and help around the house. Now that I am a mom and a wife I asked her the secret to how she could do so much all the time. Her answer was simple: don't stop! It is so true. I now know exactly what she means. If I get up and keep moving (i.e. get breakfast ready, eat, wash dishes, play with Zoey, fold laundry...) If I bounce around from one thing to the other (playing with and giving attention to Zoey in between doing different chores) I not only get a lot done early in the day, I also have more energy to do it. But once I sit down, I lose all that energy. So I just keep moving.

How do you keep from getting worn out?

*Note: The challenge is associated with Joyful Mothering from the book 31 Days to Clean by Sarah Mae.


  1. I'm so glad you are still loving yoga! I've been slack on it recently! I have been struggling with over tiredness as well! Once I come home from work and get Brody fed, i'm done. I have to muster up the energy to get him bathed and in bed so I have zero left for exercise! But I agree, when I do have spurts of energy, I don't stop. I get so much accomplished if I just keep pushing myself.

  2. I find that my diet plays a HUGE part in my energy levels. When I am eating right, I have a lot more energy and I sleep a lot better. Tons of fresh fruit and veggies are the key for me! Also, any kind of movement gives me a little burst of energy. ;)

    Yoga and pilates are my favorites!

  3. Those are great ways to fight fatigue! I do agree that eating right helps me feel better. I love fresh fruit too! I'm so glad it's gardening season again.