Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 14: The Secret to Having Energy

Doing what you love!

Now wasn't that simple? The harder part is being able to fit it in your schedule. If you are like me, your entire daily schedule revolves around an (almost) two-year old. Thus there is a lot of cartoons, playing pretend and blocks, some simple crafts, meals and thankfully a nap (but probably not for too much longer.) However, there is not a whole lot of time carved out for things I want to do.

I am doing a lot better lately about making time for me though. Because, just as today's challenge states, you can give more of yourself and time to your family when you are happy and have had some time to yourself.

My number one rule for myself is that I DO NOT do chores while Zoey naps. I use that time for myself. I do all kinds of different things that make me happy (including taking a nap some days.) But it give me a chance to relax without trying to figure out why the toddler is so quiet (sleeping is about the only time a quiet toddler is a good thing.)

This is a scrapbook page I did from last year.

Everyone has their own interests and things they do for themselves, but I will share a few of mine with you:

  1. Scrapbooking: One of my passions is taking pictures and crafting those pictures into scrapbooks. I get really excited about doing this and it is one of the things that really makes me happy. I spent part of my time on the computer viewing, organizing, editing and choosing pictures to use in my scrapbook and to use as gifts. Then my favorite part is to design pages that colorfully track all the cool adventures we have. It is something I love to go back and look through and I hope Zoey can appreciate learning about all the details of her family through our adventures.
  2. Blogging: I love to write. Writing has always made we relax and find perspective. I sometimes miss my days as a journalist and blogging is a way that I can live all the good parts of journalism. (This basically means I get to write about what I want to and not what someone tells me too.) I love the community I have found in blogging too. I enjoy reading what others have to say and sharing stories. I have found that sitting down and writing/reading my blog every (at least most) days really makes it easier for me to deal with the day-to-day mundane and struggles. I feel like I am a part of the outside world (even at home) through this wonderful online community.
  3. Puzzling: I love to do word puzzles. My favorite is word finds, but I also like crosswords, fill-ins and some of the variety ones too. It is nice to just sit without any other thoughts and challenge my mind.
  4. Snacking: I don't mean constantly snacking or eating incredibly unhealthy. However, eating that yummy piece of chocolate or making a scrumptious salad or even a nice cup of coffee can really make me happy and give me some energy.
  5. Watching a movie: This is one that I don't do very often. I know it makes me feel good, I just don't let myself have that much time to myself often. I am completely content to let Zoey watch her cartoon movies. I honestly don't mind watching cars every other day. I don't know if there is something wrong with me or not, but oh well. On the flip side, I really do enjoy watching a movie (without toddler interruption). I just usually want to take that time and spend it doing the first two or three things on this list. Scrapbooking and blogging take up most of the handful of hours I have to myself each day. But I think I will try to take at least enough time out of each week to watch one adult-like movie.
So there are mine. What are yours? What do you like to do for yourself that makes you happy and ultimately gives you more energy?

*Note: The challenge is associated with Joyful Mothering from the book 31 Days to Clean by Sarah Mae.

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  1. I love word puzzles too! I usually do the word jumble in the newspaper everyday! I love reading, blogging, singing, gardening, watching movies, among other things! It's great that you are making more time for yourself, that is SO important. And something I think most of us moms struggle with daily!