Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 4: A Place to Put Your Feet Up

This day has my name on it! I grew up in a house that was never spotless because we were too busy living in it. I wanted my house to be the same way. I believe it is. Friends are always welcome and they know they don't have to look a certain way or act a certain way while they are here. They are friends and friends are our family so that is how I treat them. My mom always told me this: if you come to see my house, make an appointment, if you come to see me, drop in anytime. I really like that. My house is pretty much never spotless, but it is clean. There will always be toys on the floor, book lying around and projects half done, but that is our life and I love it! Our house may not always be super clean, but it is always filled with love!

Today's Martha challenge was to clean the microwave. I've been waiting for this one to pop up, and dreading it. This is my least favorite, non-daily chore in the kitchen. I always think I will keep it up and clean as the mess happens, but that never happens. I'm doing good to do that on the open counter tops. I actually debated about skipping this challenge with the excuse that today is the last day I have to get a weeks worth of things packed to go visit my parents in FL. Then, I decided that would just be cheating myself, so I did it. I will say the lemon juice idea helped a lot...put lemon slices (or I used juice) in a bowl of water and heat it for 3 minutes. It really did help the particles come off more easily. I was actually impressed at how quickly and efficiently I was able to finish this project. I am almost embarrassed to put up the before pictures, but I am quite proud to put up the after pictures.

Before: If it isn't obvious, the microwave is within arms
reach of the chair Zoey eats and helps me bake in.

After: Wow, I can see my reflection!

Before: Yucky!

After: Wow, I didn't know it could look that good!
*Note: The challenge is associated with Joyful Mothering from the book 31 Days to Clean by Sarah Mae.

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  1. The lemon juice definitely made this job easier. I've been so glad they've included little cleaning hints. :)