Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Garden Update

Our garden is doing great! I just wanted to show the newest pictures I took of it today. I am really excited that the garden is doing well. Stephen and I are both working really hard on it to make it blossom! 

Our herbs and strawberries are doing great! The basil is sprouting well even though we used a good bit of it to cook in the past couple weeks.

The garden as a whole is looking very tall, and green. I think those are both good things.

Yay, tomatoes!

Look at the lettuce. It is almost ready to eat.

 The onions are sprouting up, yum!

The bell peppers are the slowest thing growing, but they still look really good.

The tomatoes are growing really well, I'm the most excited about these.

The jalapeƱos grew up overnight! I am excited to use some of these in cooking.

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