Saturday, May 21, 2011

Meet Eli

Meet Eli, Our New Puppy

Today we adopted a puppy from the SPCA and gave him a forever home! I say puppy, but he is estimated to being about 6 years old. He is a Newfoundland mix, somewhere between 125-150 lbs and about 3 feet tall (taller than Zoey). Stephen and I always wanted a big dog and I think we got our wish.

After she meets him, Zoey immediately says "hi"

He is such a gentle giant. I first spotted him purely on his size and pointed him out to Stephen. As soon as we met him I think we knew he would be ours. However, it was a blazing 93 degrees out and we were all hot and hungry. After a short lunch break we went back and asked immediately for this dog.

Zoey wants to pet Eli, they became fast friends

Stephen got him and walked with him for a little while and then me and Zoey went to meet him. Zoey immediately said "hi" to the puppy and started clapping and being excited. My heart melted. She petted him and then I was sold, this was going to be our new puppy. He even gave me doggie kisses!

We tried to learn about his past from the ladies with the adoption agency, but they couldn't tell us a whole lot. They were brought in as strays, but they appeared to be from a home environment because they were so tame and well behaved. They had only been at the rescue shelter about three weeks, so we were glad we could give him a new home.

Eli riding home with us!
Zoey was so excited about her dog.

Zoey was so excited when she saw the dog in the car with her. I think she realized then that this dog was going to be ours and that we were not just visiting. It was pretty cool to see her so fascinated. Eli is such a sweetheart to her too. He will be patient while she pets him (she does pretty good but she tends to get excited and forget about the "gently" part.

Eli is a good fit

Eli has even done really good with the cats. This basically means he leaves them alone, which is really all they want. Laz hissed at him once and then we introduced them and all was fine.

Zoey and Eli playing together outside

We were thinking about getting a little puppy when we went to the SPCA event at Petsmart, but soon realized Zoey doesn't always do well with high energy like a puppy has. So we started considering an older dog. I think this was a good decision because 1. the cats would take better to calm energy (as well as Zoey and us too) and 2. He was already house trained so we didn't have to worry about potty training a puppy and a toddler.

Yep, He's Good!
Eli has only been with us a day, but I think he will do just fine. He is so mellow, he fits right in with us. He's already taken a nap on the couch, so I know he feels safe. And our yard is big enough for him to move in so he can get lots of exercise at the house as well as on walks.

Already right at home!

We chose the name Eli because he looks like an Elijah, strong and sound. But we will just call him Eli. I'm so excited to invite this puppy into our home. He already feels like a part of our family. We will make lots of memories together. I would say I think we found just the right dog, but I suppose, he really found us. We are all going to be very happy.

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