Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Little Artist and My Kitties

Yesterday afternoon I was working on painting some Mother's Day gifts when Zoey got up from her nap. I didn't put it all up yet because 1. They were still drying and, 2. I wasn't really done yet so I was hoping to finish later. So when Zoey runs out of her room from her nap, where do you think she goes? Yep, right to the paint. I quickly move all of the projects I was working on and realize Zoey is ready to paint too.

My Little Artist.
Zoey is very intently creating a masterpiece.

I figure, why not? She does great with finger paints, she learned how to use a paintbrush with watercolors, so the next step up is acrylic, right? Well, it went really well! She used the paintbrush and was very seriously creating a masterpiece. Of course eventually she began to use fingers and make hand prints, but it all washes off (skin at least). It was all set up on my craft table, so I didn't care if it got painted on. She got a little on her shirt that I can't get out, but that isn't really a big deal at all.

The most important thing...she had a blast! And she created a very cool picture. It could probably be sold in a museum for hundreds of dollars with people talking about the composition of color, etc. I could always say I had an original. Okay, so probably won't happen, but she had fun and that's all that matters.

A picture is worth a thousand words...
this picture is worth a thousand laughs!

The best (worst?) part was when we found her in the paint again after dinner. (Remember I said I wanted to work on it later? That would have been after she went to sleep.) Anyway, I couldn't be mad. I was laughing way to hard for that. It was perfect too because Stephen was like, she is too quiet I bet she is in your paint again. He would be 100% right. She made herself a masterpiece! And then it was bath time...

And just because, I wanted to share pictures of my kitties. They are very sweet and do great with Zoey. Pets really do make you feel better no matter what:



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