Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pomp and Circumstance

I am one proud Daughter-in-Law! Stephen's mom, Cathy, graduated with an associates from Johnston County Community College last Monday night. That is the (main) reason we visited them all this past weekend. She has been working at this degree for about 6 years, so pretty much the entire time I have known her. I know she was excited to finally have it completed. Though, she is still going to school to get a bachelor's in either Education or Sociology, this is a great accomplishment. She is already a teacher that specializes in "at-risk" kids. (The kids who are about to flunk out of school or are too disruptive to stay in regular classes.) We are so proud of you Mom/Nana!

All of her kids and grandkids were there Monday night to support her. I know she was glad we could share it with her. Everyone was in tow and running toward the auditorium: Stephen and Zoey were in the back, (Left to Right) Ryan, Connor, October, Kiley, and Trina.

The program: Cathy Susan McCusker graduated with and Associate in Arts with Honors!

The kids did very well sitting through the whole graduation. (Though Zoey and Stephen were in the lobby running around.) Kiley and October cheered for every graduate once they started calling names. But they were most excited to see their Nana walk across the stage!

There is the proud graduate! She didn't want to walk because she didn't want to be the center of attention. But I told her that everyone in that room is looking for one person and isn't going to care too much about what anyone else was doing. I was right, she didn't trip or anything and it was great to see her walk.

There are three very proud kids to see their Mom graduate. 

The whole crew: Stephen, Zoey, October, Cathy (Graduate), Connor, Kiley, Trina, Ryan

We had to get a picture with me and Mom too (since I was taking all the others).

Now it is time to look to the future!