Monday, May 9, 2011

Swimming like a Fish

This week we are down in Tampa, FL visiting my parents. Saturday afternoon we all went to the beach. We had so much fun! Zoey loved the water and I loved that beach. There are these little alcolves that you can pull your car up to and have some shade (when you aren't in the water at least...I wasn't in the shade much). The thing I loved most about the whole adventure was finding out that Zoey truly is a fish just like her Mommy. We both love the water. I was also very glad we could share the day with Granny and Pops.

This adventure is best told through pictures...

When we first got there Zoey was all ready to head to the water. She took my hand and we tested the beach. (Technically, it is the beach of the Tampa bay.) The water was really warm, which made me excited because I strongly dislike cold water. I showed Zoey the little fishes that swam around. They were little minnows (I think) and didn't bother us any...except one touch my foot when we were sitting still for a while and I thought I was about to jump out of the water.

Zoey is so pretty. (Of course I'm extremely bias in these matters.) Her Pops picked out that outfit for her and she looks adorable in it. She had so much fun in the water.

We laid down in the water to enjoy the day. It was shallow for a good ways out so Zoey had lots of room to play. It was a beautiful day and I really enjoyed spending time with her in the water.

I love this picture. This crane (the bird) was standing there for a while. Eventually, Zoey decided to go after it and amidst her exploration to it, I got this cool shot of her and the bird.

This is my Dad (Pops). Doesn't he looks so good in his hat?

This is my beautiful Mother (Granny). 

Zoey was ex-foliating Granny's back with a mud bath. She was even nice enough to rinse it off.

Zoey loves to explore. I love how curious she is.

This is an awesome shot too! Zoey was so cute wearing Pops' hat.

Such a beautiful profile...complete with a mud masked face. 

Zoey met a friend named Arianna who played with us for a while. She was a fun, sweet little girl just a year older than Zoey. She also taught Zoey and new word, bounce!

Zoey had so much fun swimming in the "deep end" (it was only about 3-4 feet, but still over Zoey's head). She loved swimming back and forth between me and Granny and she also loved bouncing out of the water.

We had such a great time! It won't be long until Zoey is swimming like a fish just like me!

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