Friday, May 6, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

This week I am thankful for...

...Friendships that last a lifetime. This is Dana, I've known her since I was 4. We got to visit her and her family this past weekend. It was a real treat, especially since it was the first time we met her son, Drake (2 months).

...That new baby smell. I had a great time holding and playing with Drake. And though newborns often make people rethink having kids (or more kids), but I loved it and can't wait until we can have another baby. 

...Zoey doing well with baby Drake. Zoey does well with babies, but Drake is the youngest she has been able to play with. I think she did really great and will make a great big sister when the day comes. She would hold his hand and put his pacifier back in his mouth and was overall very gentle. In the picture she is playing with his vibrating seat. I think this is hilarious because her big cousins use to play with her in hers all the time when she was smaller. It's cool to see her becoming the big kid now.

...A girl who doesn't mind getting dirty. We went to the lake and Zoey immediately went to the water (her favorite play toy). She picked up pond scum and went yucky and would then burst out laughing. It was great because I was laughing as hard as she was.

...Four-wheelers. I haven't been on a four wheeler since high school and I had a blast! Zoey even went around with me. I'm also thankful for how brave and adventurous she is, it allows us to do all kinds of cool things with her.

...Creamy cocoa butter and shea body wash. I found this last week and fell in love with it. I only got it because it smelled okay and was the only scent with 50% more in the bottle. But the first time I used it I was immediately transfered back to the beach on those relaxing days when you can smell the salt on the waves and feel your skin getting warm. It is the most relaxing body wash I have found.

...keeping my old toys. This is a doll that my Daddy got me when I was little. It makes my heart feel very full when I see Zoey enjoying some of the same things that I did when I was a kid. 

...Stephen and Zoey. I love that Stephen lets Zoey help him like he does. I love this picture of them washing the car together. It makes me feel so happy.

...My sweet kitty Laz.

...My silly kitty Creampuff.


  1. Zoey will be a great big sister :) I love your pics!

    Thanks for always posting on my blog! I can't get my computer to let me upload pics to my blog still :(

  2. I love getting caught up on your blog!! I still have so much to read, but it's such a treat to be able to sit down and read about your life while at the same time thinking how similar our lives are as a mom!

  3. One of the tricks I do to help upload pictures is to resize them to be smaller. Mine are only about 65KB.

    I love and reading blogs. I enjoy sharing my adventures because there are so many things about being a mom that are relate-able. I actually feel better about my "wild" two year old thanks to reading other moms going through similar things. I also like learning and sharing things for inspiration and creative ideas.

    Thank you so much for reading my blog! I love hearing your input and stories too!