Friday, May 13, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

There are so many things to be thankful for! This week was special because Zoey and I got to spend it with her Granny and Pops (my parents) in Tampa, FL. We had a great time!

This week I am especially thankful for...

...Moms. This Mother's day I got to see my mom, which is even more special now that I'm a mom myself.

...the water. And more specifically that Zoey loves the water. She swims like a fish, just like her Mommy.

...My parents. I thought they were pretty awesome when I still lived with them and I still think they are pretty awesome now. The other cool thing is that good parents make great grandparents! We have had such a great week visiting them.

...New friends sharing some delicious Cuban food with us! We just met them that day while at the beach. Zoey ran over and said hi to them and meet the little girl. They were Spanish (Cuban I think) and when I very quickly realized this I greeted them in Spanish too (Hola! Como Estas!) They all cheered and we were immediately friends. I even learned a few new Spanish words.

...How quickly and easily kids make friends. This little girl is Arianna, daughter of one of our new friends (from above). She and Zoey had a fun time playing together and bouncing out in the water.

...Stuffed animals. I loved them when I was a kid and Zoey loves them too. She surrounds herself with them and loves each one. I'm glad they make her comfortable enough to sleep (in a big girl bed) when we are away from home.

...Write on t-shirts. Zoey had a blast coloring herself a princess t-shirt. 

...ketchup. It is such a simple thing, but Zoey loves it on just about everything. And to be honest I love it on just about anything too.

...dirt. We were two happy girls playing in the dirt outside with Pops this week. We took a bath and turned all the water black. It was so much fun!

...My durable daughter.  She fell off one the chairs onto tile floor and she got right back up and kept on going. goop. Well, I'm not sure exactly what it is called, but it is blue and goopy and feels wonderful on sunburn. It was mine and Mom's friends this week since we both got a little too much sun.

...Portable DVD player. This was my instant friend coming down to Tampa with Zoey by myself. It is about 8 hours and she did great! Though I think it was mostly because of the ability to watch some of her favorite movies. It will be my best friend on the way home tomorrow too!

Well, it has been a fun and busy week! Hope you all had a great one too! Anything exciting happen to you this week?

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