Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 22: Developing a workable schedule

At this point, after all of these other challenges, this is an easy one. My schedule is completely flexible because that is what works for me. If I have something set and I don't do it I get frustrated. However, if I have a flexible list of stuff to get done, I will usually accomplish it and sometimes more.

For me, it is easier to do things as I come to them instead of forcing them. For example, I try to do the dishes (hand washing, our dishwasher is broke) at least every two days. However, if I'm playing with Zoey or find something else that needs to be done, I don't sweat it. For example, I've been meaning to wash our sheets all week and today, it happened because it was on my mind and it organically happened. I didn't force it and it would have been a major headache if I did.

If I've learned nothing else from these challenges, it is that everything will get done. For me, I need it to happen on my own time. This doesn't mean I am lazy, it just means that is the best way it all works for me.

Our schedule looks like this...

8am (ish) we wake up and start the day.
11:30am (ish) we eat lunch
12:30pm (ish) Zoey naps
5:30pm (ish) we eat dinner
8pm (ish) Zoey goes to bed

That is our schedule. As you can see it pretty much revolves around Zoey, as I believe it should. Everything else fits in around it. Some days I do all my chores before lunch, other days we go outside and play all morning. I spend my "me" time during naps and after Zoey's bedtime when I'm not spending time with Stephen in the evenings. I blog, scrapbook, read and sometimes just sit on the computer. We are a spontaneous bunch (though prepared spontaneity) so I don't like to plan too much or it just becomes frustrating. I have enough frustrations with an almost 2 year old to worry about not meeting the expectations of a schedule.


  1. Flexibility is always good with a little one. Even with our schedule (having a teenager, among other things) most of the schedule for the little kids is somewhat flexible.

  2. I agree flexibility is good for little ones otherwise you'd never get anything done! Now that my girls are older they thrive on a schedule. (their doing, not mine)


  3. That is exactly how I am! My kids come first and then chores when they are occupied or in bed! You're right, that is how it is always suppose to be for as long as the are under 18 :)

    I have enjoyed reading your posts from this book! Is it an ebook or can I actually buy it?

  4. It's an ebook. The link for it is...on every post but this one, haha. I will add it. At the bottom I usually put a note with the book information. Thank you all so much for the feedback on this, I haven't had any feed back for a while and it got really monotonous to post about it everyday so I ended my challenges. But I completely recommend the book. I will post a review of it soon.