Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fairy Tale Theater (Blog Hop)

Tales From A Mother: Fairy Tale Theater

I love to start the week feeling happy, which is why I chose to do Fairy Tale Theater on Mondays! My idea is to realize that no matter what life has in store for you, it is a fairy tale! I am opening up this idea as a blog hop so we can share that little things in life that make us happy and encourage each other in the trying times.

You can be as creative or as simple as you like in this blog hop because there are no rules. I want to emphasize that you do not have to post a "fairy tale" post to participate in the hop. I want this to be easy and use it to meet some new friends and encourage each other. If you really read fairy tales, there is as much or more strife and challenges as there is the happily ever after. The whole point is to be happy with your life right now.

I would love for you to join in the fun of the Fairy Tale Theater blog hop. You can link up a creative "fairy tale" post or a recent post about your life. As I said, there are no rules, just be nice and comment so others can feel the love!

Now let's get this party started! And have a great week!

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