Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Haircut

I cut my hair. No, I mean I cut my hair. It was interesting. I needed a hair cut and I figured instead of going out and spending $25 or more for a bad hair cut, I would just give myself a bad haircut. That way the only person to blame was me and it was free.

I haven't had a good haircut since...high school. In fact, the lady that did my hair for the prom was the last good hair designer I'd been too. I even did my own hair, with help from my friends, for my wedding.

Last year after Zoey was born I decided I would pay the extra to go to a real hair dresser to get a good cut. It was not a good cut. I told her I didn't like the way the front looked and I didn't want it in my eyes, but she said that my hair was in shock and I would love it tomorrow. I'm not disputing my hair was in shock, but I did not like it the next day or ever. It took almost two months for it to grow out of my face.

I'm not picky with my hair. My only requirement is that I don't have to do anything to it to style it because I just don't care enough to spend time on it. I'm just being honest. I also don't really look in the mirror much anymore 1. because I don't have the time, I'm too busy running after a toddler, 2. because there are little finger prints all over my mirror, it doesn't matter how much I clean it, 3. because I was being serious when I said I really just don't care.

So I cut my hair, and I have to tell you...I felt freed. I haven't had all that great of a day and when the first strains of hair fell I felt a weight lifted. It was like I was holding my breath and I didn't even realize it. I haven't been able to think straight all day and now, I feel like my creative juices are finally flowing.

So I sit now with my cup of coffee and a smile feeling light and free. Have you ever had anything like this happen to you? What do you do to relieve everyday pressures?


  1. Love it, you officially have a "mom" haircut. I love my hair shorter too! Long hair is impossible to maintain when you have kids, at least for me anyways!

  2. It looks lovely darling! If in the future you are needing a hair cut, I can do that for you for free! I cut my own hair, and the hair of everyone who lives here. (lol- if I charged it would be a decent income.) And cutting my own hair has always been one of my main pressure relievers. Right there with you!

  3. I love it!! I wish I could get the courage to cut my hair as Brittany has said and get a "mom cut!" Jocelyn grabs my hair with a death grip and wont let go! Pretty painful! It looks wondeful!!

  4. I suppose it is sort of a "mom cut." I didn't really mean for it to be, but it just got to hot. I remember those baby death grips on hair. It hurts! I'll call you up next time Caitlin, maybe, it is kind of freeing to cut it yourself, I like that.

  5. My hair is cut the same way lol! Love it.


  6. I am loving it! It feels so light now.

  7. I'm all about short hair that only needs a quick brushing after I shower. So much easier to maintain. I had Trey cut it for me a few times while we were stuck in Texas.