Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My New-ish Camera Works Great

I got the new battery I needed to make my refurbished camera work! And it works! I'm so excited!

Long story short, my camera broke. I got it replaced, but they forgot to include the battery. Now I have the battery and working camera again.

The coolest part is that I got a brand new battery! This is awesome because my old battery was having a hard time keeping up anymore. So not only do I have a new-ish (It's refurbished, but it is working great so far) camera, but I have a new battery and my awesome, large memory card. Life is pretty good right now.

I can now officially say that I have broken every kind of electronic there is: TV, DVD players, Mp3 players, phones, computers, I'm sure there are more, but that is what I can think of right now. I'm not really proud of this, but it is a fact. Electronics and I have a love/hate relationship. I love them...they hate me. But a camera (my prized possession) was the final electronic that I haven't broken yet. Probably because I take better care of them  because they mean the most to me. However, that streak is broken and I've broken about every electronic I can think of. (As I say this my wonderful, technology genius husband is both cringing and laughing at me).

So since I have this fresh start of my camera it feels like I have a brand new toy (even though it is exactly the same as my last one.) I spent a good bit of time getting it set up the way I like it and playing with all of the settings. I had some fun playing photographer too! I haven't taken pictures in a week, with the exception of a few moment captures via iPhone. I believe I have earned some photography moments and ended up taking about 50 pictures in the span of 20 minutes while getting acquainted with my new-ish camera. What can I say? I had fun! And I will share...

I got a few pictures of Zoey. Of course she was not paying any attention to me and didn't want to look at the camera.

I love this one of her dumping out plastic eggs. She had a blast making a mess. I had to stop my mini photo session to play with them too. What is it about plastic Easter eggs that are so entertaining? I have no idea but it sucked me in!

Then, since Zoey wouldn't stand still long enough for me to focus on her, I completed my mini photo shoot with her stuffed frog. He was a great specimen and even smiled for the camera!

It is amazing what all you can do with a camera. I'm still learning, but I had a lot of fun playing with all of the settings. I think my frog picture experiment came out pretty good.


  1. You also killed a Mac laptop... by wearing out the hardware (not an easy feat).

    And yes, I both laughed *and* cringed remembering all the good electronics we've lost along the way lol.

  2. Is your husband diming you out? Mean! :) What kind of camera did you get? I just got a Canon Rebel and I LOVE IT!!!