Monday, June 13, 2011

Rockin' the Bump!!!

Today I am linking up with Shell at Things I Can't Say to show off my baby bump! Being pregnant is beautiful and I've had a great time looking at everyone else's baby bumps, so I'm going to show mine off too!

My Baby Bump

I really did love being pregnant, and I still love being a mom. I had a fairly easy pregnancy and delivery. I don't really have any horror stories or anything to share. I did not have an epidural and I am very proud to have an entirely natural birth (especially since no one thought I would go through with it.) I actually really enjoyed being able to feel Zoey being born, and I think that helped with pushing because I only pushed for 15 minutes. Okay, let me back up a minute...I didn't enjoy feeling Zoey be born because it wasn't exactly pleasant, but I appreciated not having an epidural.

My Beautiful Zoey Evelyn!

I do have some of my older posts from right after Zoey was born if you are interested in my natural labor story:
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  1. Oh, you look so happy!

    I had a natural childbirth with my first, but an epidural with my third! All very different labors!

    Thanks for joining in!

  2. Your bump was very cute, but your baby is effin adorable!

  3. Ahhhhhh, baby bump! You looked SO GREAT PREGNANT! And you look great now too. :)

  4. Thanks! Yeah, we'll see how different my next pregnancy is...eventually.

    @Caitlin: Thanks and you don't look too bad yourself lady!

  5. These pictures are great. She is adorable and you look so happy!

  6. You look great, and your family is adorable!