Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Savor the Moment by Nora Roberts

I am completely in LOVE with this series and all the characters in it! I finished the third installment of Nora Robert's Bridal Quartet series called "Savor the Moment." It was pretty much amazing and ironically, my least favorite in the series so far. That just goes to show how awesome the whole series really is!

Laurel and her three best friends, Parker, Emma and Mac, make up "Vows," a wedding/event planning company. Each lady has her own part within the whole of the business: Laurel supplies the cakes and other bakery items, Emma designs the floral arrangements, Mac captures all the priceless moments through photography and Parker manages to keep everything running flawlessly through her incredible attention to detail. They are an excellent team and make for fun, engaging dialogue.

In "Savor the Moment" it is Laurel's turn at finding love. What she didn't know was it was staring her in the face all her life. It is none other than Parker's brother and long-time friend Del, attorney and social elite of Greenwich, receives Laurell's heart. But that is just the beginning. Now the fun and trials really start as emotions and passions flare.

If you read the previous two book, "Vision in White" and "Bed of Roses," then you are probably like me, hopelessly in love with the characters, the witty banter, and the easy interactions among friends. But Laurel has always been my least favorite of the four friends. I'm not entirely sure why, but I suppose it is because I relate to her the least. She is very to the point and seemingly stand-off-ish. She is sarcastic too, but that part, at least, I can relate too. However, after a hard childhood and spending years of hard work and dedication to perfect her craft, I can hardly fault her.

I love the light and funny nature of "Savor the Moment." It is so easy to read and it never fails to whisk me away to the beautiful home in New England surrounded by friends. There is no shortage of romance either, which just makes my heart go pitter-patter. Robert's has a way of making everyday lives and simple romance into a fairy tale. Perhaps that is another way to find joy in the everyday...instead of dumbing life down to schedules and a to-do list, lift up all the small moments and create your own fairy tale status. That is my newest perspective and I must say, I'm loving my fairy tale!

I recommend "Savor the Moment" to anyone who loves to fall in love, to laugh, to live and to sit back and relax while squishing your toes in the sand for awhile.

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  1. The last book in the series was my least favorite, but I missed the second one. Savor the moment was actually my favorite, maybe because i like making cakes and goodies:)

    Good luck with The Other Boleyn Girl. It read a lot longer than I was expecting, but I liked it better than Virgin Blue.

    Thanks for checking out my blog:)
    Amanda Joy