Thursday, June 16, 2011

Three Things Thursday: Pet Peeves

I don't really have many pet peeves. I am a pretty easy person to get along with, I think. At least, I get along with myself just fine. I'm one of those people that it takes a really long time to piss me off, but once you do you get an ear full. (Just ask Zoey if you want to know what buttons to push to get me fired up, she knows all of them and uses them frequently.) Anyway, three pet peeves. Well, here goes...

1. Negativity. I have worked very hard to focus on my positive thinking and to surround myself with positive people. I wasn't always this happy-go-lucky girl you know and love today. I've had a war with my temper and I have come out victorious! I thank Jesus for showing me how to overcome my own negativity and the answer--it's so simple you'll never guess--positivity! (which apparently isn't a word, but you know what I mean.) I still have bad days and bad moods (just read yesterday's post for an example). But I have learned how to find the good in situations without tearing myself down completely. My pet peeve is those people who live in negativity. It seeps out of their mouths and their souls and then they wonder why they aren't happy. Those people that find the one thing that isn't perfect and dwell on that. For example: I put gas in the car, vacuumed all the nooks and crannies, put air in your tires, washed the car windows and changed the windshield wipers you should be ready to go on your trip now. Reply: But did you put Rain-x on the window, you know it suppose to rain this weekend. Ahhhh, that drives me crazy, even in hypothetical situations! Whatever happened to thank you! Okay, so maybe this is my soapbox too. Oh well.

2. Unjustified opinions. When you form an opinion on a subject, especially a negative opinion, without ever experiencing the subject. This hits close to home with movies. For example, I watched Brokeback Mountain and loved it. I enjoyed the love story and the relationship between all the characters. Now I know this is old news, but everyone formed an opinion of this movie and I bet only half of those people actually watched it. If you have a negative opinion of the movie, that's acceptable as long as you have actually SEEN the movie! I don't want to hear about how you hated all the guy on guy action if you haven't even taken the care to watch it for yourself.

3. Published grammar errors. This one is HUGELY ironic because I am the worst speller in the world! And I don't always re-read to correct grammatical errors either. Thus, I am constantly annoying myself with this one. But...if you manage to publish a book it shouldn't have grammatical errors. Seriously, how many people read this book before it goes on the shelves! No matter how good a book is I get distracted by silly errors. Just for the record, when it's blogs or such, I just pass it over as they were distracted or whatever, like I said, I know I'm the worst. However, published works are different, silly I know. I conclude it is because of years spent copy editing for the newspaper.


  1. 1. That's a real example lol. You've done that to me a couple times now :P
    2. Guilty as charged! :O
    3. There, their, they're wife. I still luvs you!

  2. haha, thanks hun, that makes me feel great. Although I suppose a couple times in the last 5+ years isn't too bad.

  3. Sorry you didn't like this week's theme. I don't want to upset my loyalist linkuper. Want to pick next week's? Let me know! Whentimeisright @ :)