Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fourth of July with Lots of Family

We had a great Fourth of July! We spent the entire weekend with Stephen's family. There were a lot of us, it was loud and crazy and I loved it! Zoey always has a good time with her three cousins (ages 3-4). She is getting big enough to play actively with them. I'm glad for this because I don't have to worry about them running her over anymore, she can handle herself now. We didn't really do much of anything all weekend, we just spent time together, played and caught up. It was a beautiful weekend. I have lots of pictures to prove it! Don't worry, I narrowed it down some...

There were lots of Legos all weekend. It is Connor's favorite thing right now and we all take turns playing with them. I find it relaxing to step away from the chaos into a world where blocks become anything.

Zoey was all ready to play with the big kids this visit. She followed her cousin, October up the slide and was on the big kid swings all weekend. If she fell off, she just wiped herself off and got back on laughing.

They were cleaning out the little pool in the backyard so they could go swimming in it. This is all four cousins: (left) Zoey-almost 2, (top) October-3 1/2, (right) Connor- almost 5, (bottom) Kiley-almost 4. (Three birthdays are in August, only a month away, so it's hard for me to still call them the previous age, especially Zoey. She often acts older than 2 so it's hard to call her 1.) 

Zoey loved the basketball hoop. They all took turns dunking and even Zoey could reach this one.

Stephen can never deny Zoey as his little girl. That is exactly the SAME face!

Zoey loving on Uncle Ry-Guy. Though, I think he was giving her food, so I suppose the loving on was a fringe benefit in this particular picture. It is still a great picture.

Zoey attacking a rib bone. We had delicious ribs for dinner and Zoey didn't want the meat cut up, she wanted it right off the bone like Daddy ate it.

Zoey having a sweet moment with Nana.

All the cousins coloring! They all love to color and it is the quietest they ever are with the exception of eating. 

 All the kids love it when Stephen and Ryan play guitar and drums so they can dance. 

Zoey and Auntie Trina!

Connor showed Zoey how to make ramps out of Kiley's Barbie house to race Hot Wheels on. These are very important life skills. Though she played with the Barbies too, I think Zoey liked the cars better.

Connor and Zoey playing in the sandbox. They were "washing" the firetruck with sand. 

Kiley and Zoey swinging together. They are getting so big!

Kiley wanted to push Zoey. She told me "Auntie, I can push Zoey, see. She likes to go high!" I laughed at that. I'm sure Zoey does like to go high. Especially since she was laughing the whole time. And I said it earlier, but she only fell twice and both times got up on her own laughing. I know she was having a blast!

What is the Fourth of July without watermelon? It was delicious. Zoey took a great big bite. 

I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July!!!


  1. No way that's my kid XD

    Great shot of her destroying the watermelon as well love!

  2. That looks like a pretty awesome Fourth of July celebration! :)

  3. That reminds me of our family get togethers! Looks like everyone had a great time!

  4. The turtle sandbox - I remember it well :)
    Gorgeous pics, she is beautiful!