Thursday, July 21, 2011

Is This Really a Phone?

I have to share this because it is too cute...

Zoey's reactions to a "real" phone:

Shock: This is a phone?

Pretend: Let my doll try it first.

Buttons!?! It has buttons, okay it's cool.

My Turn! "Hello?"

"Goodbye" and the fun is done.

In the hotel room at the Lodge they have "real" phones. You remember them right? They are the ones with the dock to hold the receiver and the really long curly cord to play with while you talk. I was really surprised Zoey knew what it was, but she did. She picked it right up and started talking. I actually unhooked the telephone line so she could play with it a little, I mean how often do you get to see a phone like this these days?

I also realized that this was the first time that she had seen a phone like this, besides her Fisher Price play phone. We don't even have a home phone and they don't sell any phones that I know of that are not cordless. This is sort of sad because I have fond memories of playing with the cord while I talk, then again, I suppose it was pretty annoying, thus why it phased out.

I say this about Zoey and the phone, but I have to admit that I did not even once think about calling room to room with that ancient phone when our cell phones had no service inside. My mom actually pointed that out to me. I was a little surprised at myself. It is amazing how fast things can change.


  1. Funny. We had a "history" lesson at an auction this summer when we came across a pile full of rotary phones. I showed the kids how to dial my # from my childhood that was mostly 9's & 8's.

    I wonder if hotels will some day completely phase out in room phones.

  2. Hilarious! She is so cute. My husband I were talking the other day about some of the things our kids will never know..Like Blockbuster, tube tvs, floppy disks. lol